Why Everybody Loves The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Only a select few, hand-chosen malls are capable of meeting all the desires of their customers. However, the Santiago Manaira mall is an exception to that golden rule. The mall provides a near-perfect balance of quality, affordable products, services, and fun to patrons.

This mall is situated in the Joao Pessoa area in Northern Brazil. It’s owned by the serial investor, Robert Santiago. The main attraction drawing in all those thousands of daily customers are the fantastic stores. Every global retailer has grabbed a space on the premises to showcase and sell their brands.

World Class Stores

The stores at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping complex are jam-packed with goods and products for the entire family. High-end fashion boutiques cater to the needs of toddlers all the way to the needs of senior citizens. If you fancy designer watches, jewelry and perfumes, then this is the ideal shopping destination for you. There are outlets specializing in furniture, books and sports supplies.

In an attempt to simplify the shopping experience, the mall has published an entire directory of all their stores and the products they offer. Visit the mall’s official website and get started off on the right footing.

Entertainment Spots

Movie lovers will want to stop over at the celebrated Cinepolis movie theater. Stop by and catch up with all the latest flicks on the high definition screens. Additionally, the revelers could just attend a festival, concert or art fairs held at the impressive Domus Hall.

Excellent Customer Care

The staff is courteous and friendly to their customers. There’s ample and secure parking for customers. The locals at this Northeastern city of Brazil are famous for their welcoming and friendly ways.

Tantalizing Foods and Drinks

Take a break from the shopping by entering any one of the top-notch hotels, fast foods joints or restaurants found in the mall. There are Brazilian cuisines and dishes from all over the globe at friendly prices. Other amenities include an amusement park and a health spa.

About Robert Santiago

The entrepreneur was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. His entrepreneurial spirit started while still a young man. He eventually gained the necessary skills and capital to start his café. He’s also dealt with the manufacturing of decorations. Robert has a Business Administration degree from the prestigious University Center of Joao Pessoa. Robert’s a huge fan of racing sports.

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