Wengie’s Morning Routine


Wengie breaks down her daily morning routine in one of her popular vlogs. She starts the video off waking up from a night of sleep by cuddling with her cat for a little while and then getting up once her alarm goes off. She said that she doesn’t like to hit the snooze button but rather get up right away and get started or she will feel awful all day. Next, she brushes her teeth and uses mouthwash. After that, she heads to the kitchen for a bite of breakfast.


Her breakfast consists of broth simmered with mushroom, tomatoes, and mixed greens. She recommended toast if you like a large breakfast. Wengie likes to eat her breakfast in a special area that she has created in a corner of her apartment so that she can look out across the landscape and watch inspirational videos.


She moves on to her skin care routine. She uses a toner to clean the oil from her face rather than washing it. She also applies sunscreen to combat sun damage. Once she has done her initial skin care regimen, she moves on to her makeup routine. She begins with her favorite foundation. She then applies light eyeliner and finally mascara. She tops her look off with a light lip gloss and then she dresses in something comfortable, casual, and cool.

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  1. Zendaya Magnus August 28, 2017

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