Wengies DIY Lip Tattoo Peel

Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty guru on YouTube known for her amazing DIY videos. One of her most popular uploads is her DIY peel off lip tattoo video in which she compares a homemade lip peel with a popular name brand one. The video currently has well over 2 million views and is extremely easy to follow and recreate.


Wengie begins the video with a list of the basic ingredients that are needed. A simple non toxic glue and some food coloring in a variety of colors are basically all that is necessary. They are simple ingredients that are very easy to come by.


Wengie starts walking the viewers through the steps on how to create the lip tattoo peel. It is very simple to follow just add glue to a small clean container and mix in a few drops of food coloring. Around 10 drops or so depending on how much glue you use. Using a paint brush or lip brush carefully and slowly paint the lip tattoo onto the lips. Wengie uses a gorgeous reddish purple hue and completely fills in one side of her lips. It is important to let it dry a little before moving on.


On the other side Wengie applys a top peel off lip tattoo brand to see how it compares to her homemade version. Although it is slightly easier to apply it looks about the same. Wengie allows both sides to dry completely which can take up to a few minutes. Next she begins peeling them off to reveal the final color. Both have almost the same texture and results. Wengie does apply lip balm to both sides after peeling the tattoo because it can be a little drying.


In the end Wengie reveals that both items pretty much do the exact same things. Both offer a nice matte color that can last for awhile. However not only does Wengies DIY lip peel tattoo save you money but it is also very easy to make. This is just one of the many creative DIY videos that Wengie has made on her channel.



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