Wengie Shows Her Viewers How To Have Incredible Hair In A Few Minutes


Wengie is an Australian beauty vlogger that has become incredibly popular on Youtube and Instagram. She began uploading makeup tutorials that were geared toward Asian style beauty routines, but she soon began incorporating looks for all of her viewers. She discovered that people really enjoyed her lifestyle hack videos. She now posts them regularly, in addition to her makeup tutorials.


In one of her hair hack videos, she shows how she accomplishes lazy hairstyles that only take a few minutes to accomplish, but that give a dramatic impact. The first hack that she shows the viewers is the faux braid that involves gathering parts of hair into a ponytail and the splitting and wrapping it under a ponytail that is directly under it. She does about four sections and pulls the wrapped part out to create an incredibly intricate look that only took a few minutes.


She also stresses the importance of a healthy diet to keep your hair looking great. She shows how to create a floating braid using a bobby pin, how to curl hair with a metal utensil, how to create a hair dryer holder with a dresser drawer, and how to create a non-slip hair clip. Her final hairstyle uses a cut sock to create a messy bun that will stay in place.


Wengie has a few different hair hack videos and all of them have millions of views. She releases new Youtube videos twice weekly. She also keeps her Instagram updated reguarly as well.


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