Todd Lubar: An Entrepreneur Focused On Helping Others

Entrepreneur and businessman Todd Lubar is a caring individual. For over 20 years he has been helping people fulfill their dreams of owning a home. Today as president of TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investments’ senior vice president, he’s now ranked among the country’s 25 top mortgage originators and is able to provide assistance to more people than ever before. Although he has founded several other very successful businesses in a number of industries, the real estate industry is still something that he’s passionate about and it remains very close to his heart.

The idea of TDL Global Ventures came to Todd Lubar as a way to eliminate the barriers stopping people from getting the financing they need to purchase a home for themselves and their families. And it’s something he works at every day. After a morning workout and spending some time with his children, it’s off to the office to make people’s dream of home ownership come through. These priorities puts his day into perspective and energizes him. And his will to succeed, remaining informed and his experience and connections in the real estate industry, help to make him successful.

Over the years Todd Lubar has learned the importance of surrounding himself with the right people. People he can trust and that are a positive influence and challenge him to grow. He also pushes himself because he knows even the work that feels mundane and repetitive is important to attaining his goals. So while he is constantly aware of the big picture, he makes sure to focus on the small moments and decisions that will help him attain his goals. He’s learned that trust, hard work, honest communication and learning from failure can help you overcome any setback and continue to grow.

Todd Lubar recommends anyone trying to get the most out of life read David J. Schwartz’s ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’. It’s helped to challenge him, raise his expectations, maximize his time, give him a perspective that’s more well-rounded and accomplish his goals. His love for helping others, drive, vision and work-ethic continue to make him successful.

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