Timothy Armour Chairs Capital Group to Offer Sound Investment Advice

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Timothy Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group. His appointment came at a sad moment when the company lost Jim Rothenberg amidst financial crisis in the state. Tim was placed in a better position for the candidacy following his vast experience at Capital Group. The company manages over $ 1.4 trillion assets, and at that moment, many investors had fallen victims of passive fund managers. Armour was the best choice to address the issues about rebuilding market shares after the death of Jim Rothenberg. Armour had been the deputy key manager to Jim. He had extensive experience among the executives of the company. The research designed models he created in the company were extremely helpful in developing long-term benefits to the fund management. He was also the key decision maker of the company hence his appointment as chairman of the company and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Education and Career

Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group. He is also the chief executive officer of the research management team at Capital Group. He is a portfolio manager who initiates diversified portfolios throughout the investment journey. With over thirty-four years experience in investment management, Armour has been giving advice to public and private organizations. Earlier in his investment career, Armour he was an equity investment manager at Capital Group. He was in charge of global telecommunications as well as U.S. service companies. Armour is an alumnus of Middlebury where he majored in economics. He resides in Los Angeles and has been of great financial help to the people of America and read full article.

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