Thor Halvorssen Set To Take On North Korean Dictatorship

Thor Halvorssen has been involved in the human rights activism community for a number of years since he fought alongside Amnesty International to help free his own father from illegal imprisonment and torture after his diplomatic role saw him uncover evidence of widespread corruption in Venezuelan law enforcement agencies. Halvorssen believes there is much work around the world that needs to be done to restore human rights to many nations where citizens have lived through decades of tyrannical rule; among global leaders who have faced the wrath of Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation co-workers the North Korean dictatorship has been the focus of much of the work of Thor Halvorssen.

Not only has Thor Halvorssen worked with Silicon Valley experts and North Korean defectors to develop the “Hack North Korea” campaign that takes information across the closed borders of the socialist nation, but he has also given time at the Oslo Freedom Forum to political dissidents from the nation to publicize the issues faced in the country. Halvorssen made sure the Oslo freedom Forum was the site for a meeting between Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and groups of North Korean defectors who came together to create digital information to be smuggled into the country.

Halvorssen points to the fact the people of North Korea have lived under the dictatorship of members of the Kim family for over 70 years and many have no knowledge of what a truly free life entails as reason for his battle to end the rule of the socialist government of the nation. The North Korean regime has been accused of many abuses by Thor Halvorssen, including operating brutal prison camps that are open to prisoners committing what Halvorssen sees as ridiculous crimes; Thor Halvorssen reveals the people of North Korea rarely have enough to eat and live in fear of a further famine striking the nation as it did in the 1990s when over three million people died.

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