The Best Lip Balm to Hike In

There are a bunch of chapsticks and lip balms out there, making it hard to pick just one. For those outdoorsy people who like to ski, camp, hike, run, etc., it can be especially difficult. Often times, these activities are in arid areas or require lots of energy, which can deplete moisture from the lips more than usual. The amount of chapsticks that are natural, animal-friendly, able to fully hydrate the lips, and most importantly affordable are limited. EOS lip balms have constantly been rated as people’s favorite through numerous consumer reports; both high-end makeup stores and drug stores. The reason people list it as their favorite is because of its ability to have noticeable results after using it. It should be noted that all EOS lip balms are gluten, paraben, and petroleum free, more cool updates here. All also contain high antioxidants such as vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil that helps sooth the most sensitive of skins.

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As for which type of EOS lip balms, you can not really go wrong with any, as all are meant to soften lips. However, for the more outdoorsy people, there are a couple EOS lip balms that would offer better results. What I recommend is the Active and Medicated EOS lip balms. The Active lip balm contains SPF, so it not only hydrates lips, but can protect the lip skin from a wide spectrum of UV rays. The Medicated lip balm is similar to the Original lip balm formula, except its ingredients allow it to not just moisturize but sooth irritated/chapped lips. The Medicated balm also helps to protect against bacterial contamination that lips can encounter, buy it at The best part of these two types is that they come in different flavors; from no flavor, to fruity, sweet, minty, etc. making it the perfect portable necessity for any outdoors trip.



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