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Providing A Source Of Meat That An Entire Planet Could Eat

The amount of meat to be produced yearly and for the world population is difficult to imagine. It’s clear that no single entity can provide the world the amount of meat it consumes everyday. It will instead take a number of agencies to accomplish the task. These agencies are now falling behind the work of the OSI Group. The world’s leading meat processor is OSI.

The agency operates as a mediator to the meat businesses that major restaurants leverage. These brands and companies include Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The OSI Group’s success is founded on the relationship it has with the world’s major food producers. Supplying these producers with services and meat products is the basis of OSI Group’s business.

The Necessary Manpower To Operate Globally

The OSI Group isn’t alone in the work it has to accomplish. The firm uses an employee based that reaches well over 20,000 employees. That work force has expanded the OSI agency into an international presence that’s being witnessed across the globe. The OSI agency is being led into the international stage also. It stretches itself around the world because of business.

There’s no end to the business held by the OSI Group. The agency uses a simple model that it perfected in the United States and then adjusts it to fit the needs of an international environment. The agency operates with over 16 countries and roughly 60 factories worldwide. The 20,000 plus employees it has is also necessary for a planetary expansion underway.

The Cycle Completed By OSI And Sheldon Lavin

The work required for the OSI Group is one that completes all three stages of the manufacturing cycle. These steps are to produce a product, to package the product and to then distribute the product to where it’s needed most. The industry level of corporate business is always improving this process. That improvement is also why Sheldon Lavin excels.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin is grounded in his role as the OSI Group’s CEO, chairman and president. The work of the agency requires a completion of the three stages in business, and Sheldon Lavin has mastered them all. It’s clear in the work the firm continues and in the rapid expansion that OSI Group is making in the international market.

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