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Eva Moskowitz Supports School Choice in United States

Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools system in New York City, has recently announced her support of the school choice referendum suggested by Betsy Devos. In a recent interview with the Wings Journal, Moskowitz expressed her interest in the referendum and described several ways that she believes public and private educational systems can help American parents to choose appropriate paths of education for their own families. As a leader of a group of successful public charter schools, Eva Moskowitz has become extremely knowledgable in school choice protocols and literature. In coming weeks, the CEO is expected to attend several of the Trump Administration’s education briefings.


Eva Moskowitz initiated the development of the Success Academy Charter School System in 2006 with the intention of serving underprivileged students in the tri-state area. Currently, the charter school system is comprised of a majority of students who are non-white and who live in low-income neighborhoods. Moskowitz stated that she became involved in the school choice movement when she became aware of the predicament that low income students often face. By building and successfully operating charter schools like Success Academy, Moskowitz and other leaders of the school system can help to give educational opportunities to entire communities who would not ordinarily possess them.


During her interview with the Wings Journal, Moskowitz also described several methods of parental participation that she believed could be used to foster support for school choice initiatives. According to Eva Moskowitz, many parents are confused about support for school choice methods and they fear that their support for charter schools or school vouchers will somehow weaken the existing public school system. Moskowitz attempts to assure parents inquiring about Success Academy that this could not be further from the truth. Support for institutions like Success Academy actually strengthens the public school system by allowing for better educational options for public school students.