Shiraz Boghani

There are all kinds if awards given throughout the year for various talents, products, services and innovations brought to the general public’s attention. Why should the hotel industry be any different? Of course, when an award is presented given and a ceremony arranged, the reasons come down to the person and the accomplishments they have achieved in their lifetime. That is the real focus of the show.

And, this is certainly the case when it comes to a professional known as Mr. Shiraz Boghani who just happens to be the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. One of the ceremonies he has attended for the recognition of his service is the Asian Business Awards. Namely, he is the “Hotelier of the Year” for 2016. He certainly deserves attention for the 30 plus years spent providing service to others, which has resulted in his management of 19 hotels within the United Kingdom.

But really, it is his mind that makes him so worthy of others paying attention to him. His brain produces such genius ideas as branded hotel that offer limited services to locations in the city of London. That’s a big deal, because getting ahead in a big city makes a tough-enough statement. Actually breaking into an industry and changing the game rarely happens. It’s like lighting striking twice. This is all on top of the fact that Boghani is also a Chartered Accountant whose interest in the hotel business has no limit. This limitless passion is what drives his inspiration on every project he participates in.

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One of the most impressive establishments on this list is the Hilton London Bankside hotel, which holds a value around 121 million Sterling British Pounds(£). Of course, there are other hotels on the list such as The Conrad London St James, Holiday Inn London, along with The Grand Hotel and Spa. There are other hotels under his belt as well. This is not to mention his numerous acquisitions.

Perhaps, one of the most impressive titles Shiraz Boghani holds is that of donator to the Aga Khan Foundation. But then again, he also contributes financially to the Aga Khan Development Network on a global scale. So, it may be a bit of a toss up there. One thing for sure is that he does all that he can for people. This includes looking after them, not just as a businessman but as a person as well. That is why he is a joint partner and founding member of Sussex Health Care, since the year 1985. That establishment boasts more than a dozen locations each having 500 beds.

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