Securus Technologies Helping Officers to Keep Peace in Prison

Each day that I arrive to the jail to report as a corrections officer, I have to remind myself that if I lose focus for a second that inmates can easily take me out. These inmates are dealing with overcrowded conditions and have a real hatred towards authority recently and would love to get the message out by hurting an officer. These inmates are outnumbering us and have plenty of time each day to look for weaknesses in the jail, so if we can utilize any resources to maintain order, we gladly welcome the opportunity to secure this facility.


Securus Technologies has really be instrumental in the way that our officers are able to lock-down our facility and keep violence to a minimum. The company created a new call monitoring system that replaced our jail phone system and now gives us the ability to pay closer attention to the inmates without having to listen to the calls any longer. The LBS software now monitors the calls, so my team is able to get on the ground and be more of a visual presence than in the past so the inmates know we mean business.


We trust CEO Rick Smith at Securus Technologies because he already is getting rave reviews about the 2,600 monitoring systems already in jails around this country. Now that we have the monitoring system running and in full operational mode, the results speak for themselves. Last month an inmate was picked up on the LBS software when he was asking his wife if she would hide her medications in her bra and sneak it to him at the visitor center. Then another inmate talked about hiding a weapon for another inmate to use on a rival gang member next week. In these instances, we eliminated the threat before it occurred.


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