Securus Keeps Me Connected To Family With Technology

I have been using this new service from Securus Technologies. I think it is a little too simple to call it a video chat service. It’s more like a scheduler, video chat service, and a lifesaver bundled all together. I call it a lifesaver because it is the only thing connecting me to my niece who is serving a two-year prison sentence.


Securus gets these government contracts to provide telephone and Internet services to prisons. I am very lucky that my niece is serving time in prison that this company services. I have heard all sorts of horror stories about other companies that manage to charge an arm and a leg in order to get a telephone call. I am really glad that Securus doesn’t gouge me with price-fixing. Instead, they make it easy for me to use their technology which connects me to my loved one.


Even an old-timer like me can figure out this technology. You just head on over to their website and set up an account. The people at Securus even reached out to me to ask if I needed help with the whole process. But it was simple enough that I can do it on my own.


Once you have the account set up, it is easy to request a video visitation session. This information is then sent to my niece’s prison for approval. Once it is approved, I get a message right away. Then it is like an appointment. When the time is right, I just log back into my account and use my laptop to talk to my niece.


This technology allows me to keep her informed of everything that’s going on at home. I really want her to transition back into society as smoothly as possible. This technology allows me to keep her grounded and connected.


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  1. Cassidy Lawrence October 5, 2017

    Being incarcerated is like being entirely out of this world, you would be confined to the walls of the prison while access is denied to mix with the outer society. But according to top cv writing services, inmates are now finding it easier knowing things transpiring in the society through their relations via Securus Technologies. Indeed, their video chat does the magic, inmates and relatives now feels more connected more than ever.

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