Saving Goettl Air is What Ken Goodrich Has Done Over the Past Five Years

Constructing a company from the ground up is one thing, but transforming a company that is losing in business, profits and morale is a completely different thing. Ken Goodrich is an expert at reviving dying companies. By 2013, he had uplifted and saved 15 failing companies when he acquired Goettl Air Conditioning over five years ago. He has been CEO ever since.


Goodrich knew that Goettl was suffering from a depressed morale during the years after the family had passed away. The company had always been a family company, but was owned by a large HVAC company, and the employees had lost their loyalty. The first step was to build a new confidence within the employees and the HVAC community.


Goodrich immediately got Goettl involved in creating a new atmosphere. Goodrich became aware of an elderly woman in Chandler who had been using an ancient swamp cooler since the 90s through hot summer after hot summer. Goettl donated a new unit and duct work throughout her home, and she has not stopped thanking Goodrich and expressing her appreciation. This is a happy customer!


Actions like this improved the morale of the employees as well as the surrounding community, and Goodrich knows that loyal employees are the heart of any good company, and re-establishing Goettl on a positive foundation was Goodrich’s main goal. Once the employees are motivated again and excited to support their company, air conditioning services and repairs were ready to move forward to a new level.


Goettl History


Goettl Air was founded by the two Goettl brothers, Gust and Adam, in Phoenix Arizona in 1939. As a tight-knit, family-owned business, they developed a reputation for dependability and loyalty and earned an award for the “Best HVAC Company” in Arizona. Now that Ken Goodrich is CEO of the company, success is in the future again.

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