Samadi Will Host Dr. Coomer On Breast Health Through His Housecall Show

It is the month of breast cancer awareness and doctors are out in mammoths to teach masses. Dr. David Samadi has taken the initiative to host one Dr. Coomer who is a health expert when it comes to breast cancer and breast health. Samadi, who is the host of the famous show dubbed Housecall, said that he thought of hosting Coomer because she is an expert and has vast experience.

Coomer is excited to be part of the show

According to Coomer, this will be a life changing experience as she gets the chance to work with Samadi again. The two have rubbed shoulders in the field in the past years. She continued to explain that is honored to be part of the show that has been created in order to educate Americans on health matters. Coomer explained her excitement to be part of an educator in Samadi’s show. She also stated that it was important for her to educate Americans.

David praises Coomer for her experience

Dr. David Samadi said that he choose Coomer because she has vast experience in what she teaches. Before joining her current practice, Northwell Health in Island University, Coomer served as an experienced breast surgeon for Mt. Sinai Hospital. She was successful to the point of developing a clinical practice that was committed to providing treatment for malignant and benign. Coomer, therefore, is better positioned to attend the show that will be aired on 15th October, 2017. She will facilitate the learning process by answering all questions in regards to breast health.

Personal Profile of Samadi

The name Dr. David Samadi reflects health and early detection. He has been in the field of early detection of diseases especially in men for over five years. Samadi is dedicated to helping men in seeking treatment on time. He has extensive experience as a robotic surgeon and has special interests in prostate cancer. Dr.DavidSamadi is compassionate and educated on cancer awareness and treatment. He is a prostate surgeon and offers comforting therapies after surgery. His experience reflects his commitment as he has performed over 7,000 surgeries in search for better health in men. Samadi hosts the Housecall show to educate society. For more info about us: click here.


Dr. David Samadi is also a leading surgeon in New York City. He has established unmatched platforms to offer treatment. His experience cannot be matched. As years pass by, his educative platforms are set to expand with the intention of educating more people.

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