Product Review: New EOS Crystal Vegan Lip Balm

EOS is Back with a New Vegan Lip Balm

Flashback to 2014: EOS lip balms changed the chapstick game. Comfy balls of “all-natural” lip healing goodness became popular everywhere. However, early in 2016, loyal EOS customers began taking over social media with negative complaints. The popular, round lip balms were giving many people rashes and terrifying blisters.

After being scrutinized by the FDA and earning a bad rep for not actually being all-natural and organic, EOS lip balms fell off the market. Pictures and warnings not to use these chapsticks flooded the internet and the news. Even though natural oils cause reactions in many people, the common claim was that the beeswax was causing skin irritation.

This year, EOS is making a big comeback. Determined to fix the issue and set themselves apart from the competition again, they revamped their product entirely. The Crystal EOS is the better, vegan formula that has recently been on the market.

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A Vegan Formula That Everyone Can Use

In August of 2017, EOS released a new line of 100% vegan chapstick. They still come in the ball form that everyone loves but no longer contain beeswax or other potentially irritating ingredients. The EOS Crystal lip balms are free from artificial colors and made for everyone to love again.

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Their recent formula make-over is allergen free and flying off the shelves. Drugstores and make-up stores like Walgreen, CVS, and Walmart are the first to carry the vegan EOS. Though the original lip balm wasn’t true to their all-natural brand, EOS has redeemed themselves with this new, blister-free line.

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