Paul Mampilly reveals the mega-trends to look out for in the coming days

For the past 3 or so years, Mr. Paul Mampilly has been serving at Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor in charge of a number of publications such as Extreme Fortunes and Profits unlimited where he covers a number of investment options including technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks.

Mr. Paul Mampilly’s publications are unique from the others in the market in the sense that he includes real-world examples in a deliberate and conscious effort of making it super easy for his readers to have a clear sense of how the stock he is recommending is likely to work out for them in the coming days. The newsletters come full of charts and relevant data which can go a long way in helping readers make informed investment decisions.

Whenever Mr. Paul Mampilly is doing a recommendation write up, he always puts himself in the shoes of an ordinary investor on Main Street with basic investment knowledge and therefore breaks the information down to the most easily understandable form so that they can be able to put the information to actual use. He assumes that his readers have their own busy lives to live and hence the need to do the heavy lifting for them.

Mr. Paul Mampilly also went ahead to reveal that there are two big trends that are currently unfolding which will heavily weigh on the market in the coming days. One of them is the Internet of Things which he believes will change the way things are done in several sectors of the economy including but not limited to automotive, marine, aerospace, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and energy where interconnected computers will be doing a better job in these industries when compared to their current employees.

Another very important trend that is currently ongoing is the ever-increasing number of the population of millennials especially in the United States and all across the world. Currently, in the united states alone the millennials’ population make up to almost 100 million individuals of the total population. This means that any business organization that wants to be successful in the marketplace must pay maximum attention to this group’s choices and preferences considering that their huge numbers will definitely inform the direction of the economy. Therefore it is only prudent for any serious investor out there to keep tabs on the business organizations that this group of people does business with as they as poised for even further success.

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