Robert Ivy’s Stunning Personal Details

Robert Ivy is one of the most outstanding architects based on the leadership position he holds and the many achievements he possesses. He is the CEO of American Institute of Architects hence depicting his significance in the architectural domain.

Robert Ivy became the editor in chief of Architectural Record in the year 1996. While holding this leadership position, he helped the organization to grow into one of the leading architectural journals globally. Moreover, the journal became widely read hence depicting his strategic management of the company which led it into such a great performance.

Mr. Robert Ivy also served excellently as an editorial director in McGraw Hill Construction Media. As such, he was in charge of HQ Magazine, Sweets, Constructor, ENR, HQ Magazine, Architectural Record, Sustainable Design, and SNAP. Being a leader in all these sectors portrays his impeccable leadership skills and knowledge in the architectural field.

The leadership skills of Robert Ivy in managing these organizations and even leading one of the journals to grow into a world leading architecture journal made him be widely recognized. As such, Robert Ivy received numerous awards to recognize his relevance to other architects and other individuals involved in the construction industry. Some of the prizes that he won are premier magazine journalism award, Folio Design Award, Digital Award for being a leader of the website of the year and the US Society of Magazine Editors National Award.

One of the major achievements that an architect can boast of is the Crain Award. This is an award that is won by only a few and the most outstanding people who are recognized for the distinctions within architecture. In 2009, Mr. Robert Ivy won the Crain Award. This means that he was given the highest recognition possible by the American Business Media. To add to his many achievements, Robert Ivy was voted in 2010 as the Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity. This is a significant achievement because he was the only one selected in the twenty-first century and is among the seven individuals to receive the award in a one hundred years history.

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Seattle Genetics has crossed bars with Clay Siegall’s help

Clay Siegall is a successful entrepreneur and investor. Clay is famed for his venture in biotechnology. He is the one who co-founded Seattle Genetics. Presently he serves as the CEO and the president of the drug company that he co-founded. The firm develops drugs with antibodies that target treatment of cancer patient.

Clay Siegall has diverse and excellent experience in biotechnology. In his career course, he worked with National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and National Cancer Institute. Clay Siegall has the track of record and excellent knowledge in healthcare. He was also a board member of directors in Alder BioPharmaceutical. Therefore his idea of coming up with Seattle Genetics was a brilliant move as an investor.

Dr. Clay Siegall has helped Seattle Genetics Company to raise over $ 675 million finances and in developing various antibodies drug pipelines that aim at curing the cancer diseases. Seattle Genetics is renowned Oncology and multi pharmaceutical product in the whole world. It focusses on the production of the antibody-drug conjugate(ADC) which targets human antigens in response to release antibodies in the human immune system that fights against diseases. Consequently, the antibodies attack the cancer cell from inside and release toxic substances which kill the cancer cell. The use of ADC is more advisable as it reduces the danger of exposing healthy human cells to radiations through other therapies like chemotherapy or any other traditional method.

The company developed Adcetris cancer drug which treats lymphatic system cancer that might spread to other body organ and cause severe pain and damage to tissues. 33A is the second in the list which cures myeloid leukemia, the third one is 22ME which targets cancer of the bladder or any other kind of urothelial cancer, and lastly, Seattle Genetics Company launched LIVI which targets the breast cancer. If you have a cancer patient or you are suffering from the disease make an effort and consider using Seattle Genetics products.

Clay Siegall received Ph.D. in Genetics from Washington University and holds B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He has written and published more than seventy publications plus fifteen patents.


Making Preparations For Your Lifeline Screening

The one big factor that Lifeline Screening brings to the table is the availability of screening and testing to the general public without having to go to the hospital or a medical testing facility. So many times these facilities take longer to get a referral and an appointment. Lifeline Screening is usually an immediate appointment and is usually much less expensive.

In addition many people tend to put off seeing their doctor for regular checkups because they are experiencing no symptoms. They reason that if they feel well, then all is well. That is not necessarily the case as most of our most serious illnesses begin with little or no symptoms.

Lifeline screening offers many screenings and tests that can filter out potential difficult conditions. For example the ultrasound tests reveal much about the inner workings of our bodies. With ultrasound, for example, the medical professionals can actually see the blood flow in the arteries, detecting possible blockages. A few drops of blood is all that is needed to put together a complete lipid blood panel that is used to test cholesterol levels, levels of glucose showing possible diabetic conditions, and liver enzyme levels, showing possible kidney disease.

A limited electrocardiograph can detect an irregular heartbeat which can throw off blood clots, causing strokes. Other cardiac tests are done depending on possible symptoms and requests.

If you are going to have screenings done it is a good idea to properly prepare for the tests. If you are going to have a blood test, fasting for 12 hours before the test is recommended. Just drink enough water to stay hydrated. Dress appropriately by wearing loose-fitting clothing. Women should wear slacks and a loose top. Men should wear loose fitting slacks and a sports shirt. You may be asked to lift your shirt or top for some tests, but you will not be asked to disrobe.

When you arrive at the Lifeline Screening location you will be given paperwork to fill out asking for your name, address, zip code, phone and your doctor’s name and address. The screening procedures usually take about an hour and a report of the results will be given to you when you are finished.

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An Overview of the Leadership Skills of Greg James Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz is the force behind the triumph and growth being witnessed at the National Steel Car Company. Greg Aziz is currently serving as the president and CEO of the National Steel Car. It is the world’s biggest manufacturer of railroad freight vehicles. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz attended a top class university in the country where he got quality education. His specialization was in economics at the University of Western Ontario. The huge growth and success enjoyed by the company is as a result of his exceptional leadership, knowledge and skills. Here is a trail of his path to success.

Earlier Business Engagements

Greg James Aziz’s path to success can be traced back to the days he used to work at Affiliated Food, a family comprehensive food venture. He was in charge of the business operations at the firm for a period of 16 years. During his tenure at the enterprise, there was notable growth and the company expanded. The enterprise managed to expand its importing regions from the usual local markets to include foreign countries. The company used to import products from South America and Europe countries. It then started the distribution of its products to markets in Canada and USA. With time the market for the company’s products increased leading to the increase of its operations.

National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a leading company in terms of inventions and innovations. It is the only company involved the manufacture of railroad freight cars with an ISO certification having received the ISO 9001:2008 in North America. The company has managed to maintain this honor for over 18 years. It has also managed to get various certifications due to the high-quality products it manufactures. It has also earned recognition for being the leader when it comes to technological advancement in its manufacture of railroad freight cars. In 1996, the company scooped the top quality award referred to as the TTX SECO. James Aziz has always made sure that National Steel Car Company leads in terms of quality products and advancement in technology.


James Aziz has led the firm in a number of philanthropic activities, which have proven to be beneficial to the Hamilton community. The firm has managed to sponsor a number of projects key amongst them being the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius and Salvation Army. This charitable gesture has gone a long way in improving the living standards of the community living in the town. The firm organizes a Christmas get-together for all its present and former employees.




New EOS Crystal is a gem

Natural skin care devotees will love the all new EOS Crystal balm. The new balm is clear, unlike EOS’s original balms, and comes in a tube that’s like the circular ones you’re used to but with a slightly triangular twist – like a jewel. The new formula comes in two luxurious flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. If you’re not a fan of waxy balms you’ll love EOS Crystal because it’s wax-free. The vegan formula includes 5 essential oils like shea, avocado, and coconut to moisturize lips. If you love EOS you’ll want to add this to your collection ASAP. If you’ve never tried EOS this is a great new option for people who like natural balms but look for options without wax. As always, the formulas are made without parabens and are petrolatum free.

EOS (which stands for “Evolution of Smooth”) has elevated drug store lip balm with stylish packaging and formulas that are a step up from what you’d expect at the affordable price points based on FastCompany called EOS “radically different” from their competition, as their unique flavors and packaging have disrupted the lip balm aisle and become explosively popular with everyone from celebrities to teens.

While lip balm is only one of EOS’s products (they also make body lotion, hand lotion and shave cream) it is their most well-known. Read great review here. The distinctive “orb” tubes make them stand apart from the pack at first glance, and their formulas are also more diverse. They’re as well-known for what they do include (unique flavors, organic offerings, etc) as for what they don’t (allergens, parabens, and petrolatum). For more information about EOS Crystal and the full line of other products, visit

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Epic EOS

Dry, cracked lips are the worst. They make you feel thirsty and helpless as they become extremely chapped. That is why it is so important to find a lip balm that works for you! EOS lip balm (Evolution of Smooth) is well known for being an extremely helpful and sought after lip balm, refer also to Here are a few reasons why it has become a favored lip balm for many.


  1. It is Organic

Yes! Organic lip balm. Lips are such a soft and delicate part of the human body. It is important to treat it with natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals. EOS jam packs their lip balm with healthy vitamins and natural ingredients.

  1. The Shape

Although EOS has come out with the option of a common tube of lip balm, it usually stands out with a very unique shape. EOS started making sphere shaped lip balm. The fun, egg shaped goodies were easy to keep track of! Normal tubes of chap stick often end up lost of getting thrown in the was, but not EOS lip balm spheres!

  1. The Variety

EOS offers many types of lip balm. They started with their organic spheres, but now offer crystal lip balm, shimmer lip balm, active lip balm, medicated lip balm, and the organic stick lip balm. There is a lip balm for everyone! From a night out with shimmer lip balm, to working out with active lip balm, there is a choice for every occasion. Check this cool review.


Check out all the new choices and great deals on EOS website. See also

EOS Debuts New Line of Lip Balm with EOS Crystals

EOS has recently announced a new product, EOS Crystals, via an Instagram post, “Clear as Crystal. Smooth as EOS. Say hello to every girl’s NEW best friend.” EOS Crystals promises to be even more of a hot commodity than their already wildly popular EOS lip balms. Since the introduction eight years previously of the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) brand of lip balm products, the cute little spheres have proliferated around the country, flying off the shelves of mainstream stores and into the bags of women everywhere.

EOS Crystals lip balms feature a clear balm that has no wax and is vegan, and are initially available in two delectable flavors of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Five hydrating oils have been added for a smooth glide, and the round shape of the original pod has been changed slightly to more of a triangular one.

The company, Evolution of Smooth has enjoyed tremendous success with their beauty products which include lip balms, lotions, and shaving creams. The lip balms are especially appealing, as they engage the senses of touch, smell and sound (thought was even taken into care for the sound of the container being opened). Women of all types and status are enjoying these products, from celebrities to the not so famous, read beauty hacks here.

EOS Crystals will be available for purchase sometime in August, and will be offered at a retail price of $4.99. More information about the launch of EOS Crystals can be read at

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A Clear New Take on EOS Lip Balm

In the continuing tradition of innovation, EOS has released its newest line of lip balms this summer with the new EOS Crystals line. Housed in a new take on the adorable pods, users will find these ones a little less round and in beautiful new crystal see through colors. First showing the new line to the world in an Instagram post, wax-free, vegan-friendly addition is shown in it new pod. The new line will be available in two delicious new flavors, Vanilla Orchard and Hibiscus Peach and will be hitting stores in August for the retail of $4.99, see As a new added bonus, the new Crystals line will have 5 essential oils packed in to keep lips silky smooth all day. See for more fascinating articles.

EOS took the beauty market by surprise after it first launched, reinventing the standard old tubes into new, fun, cute new way to carry lip balm. These little balls have become a mainstay in many people’s daily routines, with their wide selection of flavors and varieties. Created with women’s actual everyday experiences in mind, EOS formulated a series of lip balms that would stimulate the senses and leave the user feeling they didn’t just have yet another basic old lip balm but were using a product that actually made them feel good. Inspiring a wave of copycats, EOS had risen to the top of the industry by genuinely caring what it delivers to its users. Made with organic ingredients in an assortment of tasty flavors, in a fun snapping, sphere that allows fingerless application, lips stay soft and silky in style, buy now!

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Bradesco CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Helps The Bank Reach An 80-Plus Benchmark Rating

Emerging market bank stocks are in vogue this year. Bradesco, Brazil third largest private bank, is #6 in the Banks-Foreign industry group, in the IBD rating system. Bradesco just went from a score of 77 to a score of 89. Any score over 80 usually means that company’s stock will have bigger gains. Investors are still cautious about Brazil, but most investors do their homework before they buy emerging market stock. Investors who research what’s going on in Banco Bradesco usually find nothing but a smooth-running banking machine that is beating last year’s revenue figures. The Bradesco executive team is under the leadership of Luíz Carlos Trabuco. Luíz Carlos Trabuco is a banker with solid experience and an impressive background.

Bradesco is having a good year for several reasons. Luíz Carlos Trabuco is one reason, but other bank executives are helping the bank stand out in a very competitive market. Another reason for the bank’s success is the Personas project. The Personas project maps the attitudinal, behavioral, and psychographic characteristics of the more than 26.1 million consumers who have a Bradesco account. Bradesco’s tech department is one of the best in Brazil, and it is helping the bank become more consumer friendly. The project identifies consumer consumption as well as consumer spending, saving, and other consumer behaviors. When Bradesco or any other bank knows what consumers need, they try to fill that need. That could mean lower interest rates, special personal loans or business loans.

But It is the bank’s responsibility to make sure that information is safe, and it is only available to a select group of executives. Bradesco’s marketing team gets the consumer information they need to keep present clients happy as well as attract new consumers. Trabuco has a degree in philosophy, and his tech team is Silicon Valley worthy, according to team members.

The bank is still trying to incorporate the 2015 HSBC acquisition, and that is making Trabuco, and his team works overtime. Bradesco now has more than 5,000 bank branches, thousands of ATMs and a plethora of service centers around the country. In other words, Bradesco is big. And Bradesco is getting bigger thanks to the technology advancements initiated by Trabuco and his executives. And that’s what foreign investors are interested in. They want to know about Trabuco and his team. They want to know Trabuco is a 38-year bank veteran. And they want to know Trabuco is a company man who started with the bank in 1969 and is still there. Mr. Trabuco also has a winning record when it comes to managing profitable companies. When he was president of Banco Seguros, he was responsible for turning in 30 percent of the Bradesco’s total profits in 2008.

Foreign Investors are buying Bradesco stock now, and they are keeping their fingers crossed that President Michel Temer is the man who will help Brazil recover from a crippling recession. There are signs he can do that, but there are also signs he may be another shady politician. But that’s not stopping Bradesco, or any of the other bank, from making money. Big Brazilian banks make money in the good times and the bad. They don’t make money lending money. They make money by investing, and by having insurance that protects them from downturns in the economy.

Luíz Carlos Trabuco and his executive team at Bradesco have big plans, even though Trabuco is in it for the short haul. Trabuco is 66-years-old, but he’s not ready to retire. He is the fourth president of Bradesco. He wants the fifth president to take over at just the right time, but no one knows what the right time is, and that’s okay.

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The Products of Fabletics for the Crowd

There is a lot that goes into whether people are satisfied with a company or not. One of the major aspects of a customer’s satisfaction with a company is in the products. Now, this is not about how cool or appealing a product is even though the appeal of the product does have an influence as to whether it will sell. It is more to do with how well the product works. In the case of fashion companies like Fabletics, among the aspects of the product customers are going to be looking at is how well it fits and more importantly, how durable it is.


The good news is that Fabletics has durable products. For one thing, they are created and crafted under humane conditions. The material that makes up the products are more durable than with other companies that try to take the cheaper approach with bringing in the products. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the clothes they buy for a long time. One of the most frustrating aspects of fashion with fast fashion companies in particular is that they rush the production and wind up making lower quality clothing that doesn’t fit right and will fall apart on them quickly.


Another thing to look at with Fabletics is how they determine what products they are going to use. One of the best things they do in their approach is make sure that they look at the customer first. When a customer signs up, they are given an opportunity to share their preferences. As a matter of fact, they use a method that is known as reverse showrooming in order to sell their products. They are careful with the products they present to the customers so that they keep their overhead to a minimum.


One good thing about the way Fabletics does business is that it allows the customer to feel like they are valued and cared about. As a result, they are more likely to shop at the company and buy more clothes that are flattering to their body. As they feel better about their appearance, they will be more encouraged to buy more items.