Matthew Autterson: a Perfect Combination of Business and Philanthropy

To many people, business is about making as much profit as possible. Few have any thought or even money to spare in support of the less fortunate or the welfare of the community. Sometimes, however, there comes along a rare kind of businessman such as Matthew Autterson whose talent, skills, insight, and experience are precious in the world of business while his mark in the world of philanthropy is indelible.

A Strong Foundation

Matthew Autterson earned his B.A in Finance from University of Michigan State. He also took the Graduate Tax Program from University of Denver. It was, therefore, with confidence that he joined the business industry, sure that his firm foundation would in the end lead to success.

At the top of the Best

Matthew kicked off what was to become an impressive career at Fiserv’s affiliate, First Trust Corporation. Later, Integrated Resources Inc., a chartered trust company which was a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company, was established and Matthew Autterson joined it. He went on to become Resources Trust Company’s president. The position was especially a coveted one since the company was one of the best state-chartered trust firms, approved by the FDIC and with $20 billion worth of custodial assets and $1 billion in deposits as well as more than 700 employees its payroll.

A Bold Move

After more than 25 years of success in the business industry, Matthew Autterson thought it was time to chart a new path. However, he took his long experience with him when he joined Falci Adaptive Biosystems. With a long-held passion to help out people in their troubling times, Matthew Autterson could not have found himself in a better place.

Founded by Scott Falci, CNS Bioscience, Inc. is non-profit establishment that is committed to providing aid to people with neuromotor disabilities. While it helps them improve their interaction with their environment, the organization which now has Matthew Autterson as board member, president and CEO, also helps combat neuropathic pain by developing clinical-stage therapy.

Bottom Line

Matthew Autterson is an excellent example of what humanity should be all about. While it is certain that he has rare talent, the skills and the experience for an illustrious career in business, he seeks to share his gifts with mankind instead. He has, apart from heading CNS Bioscience, worked in other philanthropic causes including Denver Hospice where he was the chairman of the board of directors, Webb-Warring Foundation, as well as Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo.


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