Jason Hope Seeks A High Level Of Innovation For The Airline Industry

The airline industry has been a major supporter of the growing use of technology that has been created to increase connectivity and wireless technology in various parts of the experience for customers of major airlines.

Jason Hope believes every customer will be able to benefit from the use of technology that will hopefully become commonplace for all passengers to enjoy, including the growing use of Bluetooth beacons that will direct passengers through an airport and give updates on departures and gate closing times.

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Passengers will also see major changes in the way bags are tracked after the implementation of new technologies has expanded to include a wide range of beacons and sensors that will make it easier for passengers to track their checked luggage throughout each journey. The use of beacons will allow every passenger linked by their mobile device to see where their luggage has moved to throughout any air journey.

Jason Hope has a strong desire to inspire the next generation of innovators and futurists who will move through the Arizona public school system to become a major force in the technology field; Hope has provided support for charitable groups making it easier for children from disadvantaged homes to get the highest level of education possible to aid their future development.

The role of technology innovator sits easily with Jason Hope as he has spent much of his working life developing new ways of providing success in the development of mobile app’s that have begun entering the everyday working of many different areas of industry and the medical field.

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