James Dondero Embraces The Cause of The Family Place

Have you ever heard of The Family Place, an organization located in Dallas’ leading that has the focus of supporting individuals who suffered from family violence? It is one of the most recognizable foundations in the vicinity of Dallas, Texas. James Dondero, the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, which is an enormous company of global credit managers, which means that they offer a dedicated staff to manage loans from customers if they desire to do so, is announcing a challenge grant to support the Family Place organization.



Highland Capital Management has already spread their roots with influence in more than three continents, with many nations worldwide adopting the company as one of their primary financial advisory firms out there. James Dondero, a huge specialist in financial investment, is not only a businessman with a successful career, but he is a philanthropist that is raising awareness of the family abuse problem by funding the challenge himself.



The office of Highland Capital Management has announced a $1 million challenge grant to support the foundation. The company has an additional office that manages charities and financial funding for philanthropical activities for the rest of the firm, being named Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. and is a completely separated team of professionals.



Still led by James Dondero, the company was able to raise an additional $200,000 toward the Legacy Campaign, being a huge margin that has helped dozens of lives across Dallas, Texas.



The Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, and the Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, have reached influential people in the Dallas community and have found people like James Dondero who were able to help those who were suffering from family abuse with funding and a bit of their capital assistance.



According to James Dondero, he and the Highland Dallas Foundation were impressed with the dedication and the efforts of The Family Place and the team behind it, and was honored to be a part of the solution for such a serious problem.



James Dondero does not work alone. His partner, Mark Odaka, is also present in every decision made by the administration team, being the . He is currently the Chief Investment Officer and is responsible for developing new methods and strategies to improve their investment plans. more about James Dondero at linkedin.


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