How Being A Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard Can Be A Lucrative Choice

Traveling Vineyard is a vintner in the United States that sells its wine through a network of independent contractors that are called Wine Guides. Wine Guides hold wine tastings in clients homes and at the end of the event everyone can sign up to receive bottles of wine that will then be shipped straight to their homes. Rather than the stuffy wine tastings of old, Traveling Vineyard wine tastings are designed to be fun and casual affairs.

It’s easy to start a life in direct sales with Traveling Vineyard. After signing up, people are contacted by a leader in their region who steps them through everything they need to do to get going in their career. Wine Guides start with a Success Kit which includes bottles of wine for their first two tastings as well as all of the glasses, accessories, sign up forms, and marketing material they need. Wine Guides are also fully trained by Traveling Vineyard in the nuances of the wine and how to hold successful tasting events.

One of the biggest appeals of being a Wine Guide is that they are completely free to set their own schedules. Some choose to remain smaller operations that earn enough to pay for things such as annual two-week vacations. Others become full-time Wine Guides earn their living at it. The more ambitious Wine Guides build up a larger operation where they have Wine Guides working for them and host wine tastings throughout their broader communities.

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