Highland Capital Management Helps Give Back To Dallas

Linda Owens is the new giving manager at Highland Capital Management, and she is helping founder James Dondero give back to the city of Dallas. HCM has been located in Dallas for many years, and this article explains how the company is giving to causes that ar better for everyone. The simplest giving advice comes from Linda’s many years in the field, and the company is reaching out to all those who are in need.


#1: What Does Highland Capital Management Do?


HCM is a large hedge fund that has been based in Dallas for years, and they are a powerful company that was built on the back of wise investment decisions. They have built a large giving department, and James Dondero hired Linda Owens to ensure that all money was given in the proper manner. He wanted to see the money go to places where it would help the most people, and he hired someone who knows what to do.


#2: Dallas And Jobs


HCM offers jobs to many people in Dallas, and the city is benefiting every time the company gives money back to community efforts. The company is growing quite a lot every year, and they have more money left over for the work that must be done around them. Linda Owens is responsible for the money that is given in the community, and she has the complete trust of James Dondero and the board of directors.


#3: The Simplest Investment Options


Customers who come to HCM for help are earning more money than any other because they are given quite a lot of options to save their money. The company is investing in diverse and international investments that are profitable for everyone, and they are reported for having quite a lot of investment savvy. Their staff ensures money is moved around the world to the safest options.


Highland Capital Management gives back to Dallas many times over every year to ensure the people of the city are benefiting. They have hired Linda Owens to help with giving, and she is sending money to the places where it will do the most good.

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