Fabletics Connects With Aspiring Customers

Fashion today has evolved far from the days when women were required to wear skirts, hose, and conservative suits to work and most social events. Today, there’s an active feel in women’s fashion that’s more attractive than ever. New e-commerce fashion companies like Fabletics are filling a real need out there for fashion that is very wearable at the gym, on a run, or even in the office or at a social event. Fabletics is offering great looking clothes that suit today’s active lifestyle, which is why this company has gone from a startup to a business valued at $250 million in just three years.

An Aspirational Image

Fabletics was launched three years ago by co-founder Kate Hudson and her partners, and the amazing success of this company is a testament to the founders’ vision. It isn’t easy making a mark in the online fashion world today, which is why Fabletics’ achievement is so striking.

Tough Competition in Fashion E-Commerce

Right now Amazon has a 20 percent share of the e-commerce fashion market, which means all the other companies have to compete even harder to attract a customer base. Today it isn’t enough just to offer a quality product. Customers now expect an online fashion company to offer a combination of high quality customer experiences, unique branding and last mile service, just to stay competitive. Beyond that, the products sold must be of high quality in their construction and in their appearance. It’s a lot to ask, but companies like Fabletics are making it happen, with success.

A Great Spokesperson

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson is a great spokesperson for the Fabletics brand, and she has the active, athletic lifestyle that the brand’s customers aspire to. Fabletics offers a special VIP subscription service for customers to enroll in, and this aspect of the brand has been very successful. Customers fill out a form that lets Fabletics know their workout routines, so they can gear choices in workout clothes accordingly. Then each month the customer will receive a selection of great looking outfits in the customer’s size, geared to their preferences. The clothing choices are all curated by Hudson, which gives the brand an added appeal.

No, being a winner in today’s competitive fashion e-commerce world isn’t easy. It takes hard work and a lot of ingenuity. Brands like Fabletics are making it happen though, and paving the way to a new kind of fashion experience.

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