EOS lip balm review

I have fallen in love with EOS lip balm, in its cute little orb, in all the yummy flavors. EOS has reinvented lip balm, using natural ingredients, and even creating a vegan line. Years past lip balm was considered something you applied to help or prevent chapped lips. It wasn’t because it made your lips feel silky smooth and tasted awesome, view more. Although you may have had one or two choices in flavors, it was definitely lacking what EOS has developed. And creating it with natural and organic ingredients makes it the only lip balm for me. With all the choices of flavors, and shimmer balms, active balms with SPF, and medicated balm when your lips need that tender care.

Apparently I’m not the only one loving EOS lip balms. Celebrities have been seen using EOS lip balms and EOS is currently selling over a million items a week. So if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time. Purchase all amazing lip balms here at amazon.de.

EOS did their homework in developing these wonderful balms. They didn’t just want to create the next fad. They wanted to create something that women wanted, something to engage the senses. Something with quality ingredients that could be priced to compete with other lip balms in the industry. And they did it!


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