EOS Debuts New Line of Lip Balm with EOS Crystals

EOS has recently announced a new product, EOS Crystals, via an Instagram post, “Clear as Crystal. Smooth as EOS. Say hello to every girl’s NEW best friend.” EOS Crystals promises to be even more of a hot commodity than their already wildly popular EOS lip balms. Since the introduction eight years previously of the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) brand of lip balm products, the cute little spheres have proliferated around the country, flying off the shelves of mainstream stores and into the bags of women everywhere.

EOS Crystals lip balms feature a clear balm that has no wax and is vegan, and are initially available in two delectable flavors of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Five hydrating oils have been added for a smooth glide, and the round shape of the original pod has been changed slightly to more of a triangular one.

The company, Evolution of Smooth has enjoyed tremendous success with their beauty products which include lip balms, lotions, and shaving creams. The lip balms are especially appealing, as they engage the senses of touch, smell and sound (thought was even taken into care for the sound of the container being opened). Women of all types and status are enjoying these products, from celebrities to the not so famous, read beauty hacks here.

EOS Crystals will be available for purchase sometime in August, and will be offered at a retail price of $4.99. More information about the launch of EOS Crystals can be read at usmagazine.com.

Watch this awesome video and learn more, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk

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