EOS Creates Lip Balm for the Vegan

What’s so different about the Crystal EOS Lip Balms? They are lighter and just as softening, plus they are completely vegan. That means no lanolin and no beeswax are present in the formula. While I’m not allergic to either of these ingredients, I have a child who seems to have been born allergic to the world. That’s why I was ecstatic about the new product EOS just released last year, Crystal, the vegan lip balm.

Now, my six year old daughter can feel like she’s apart of the big girl world when we both apply our Crystal EOS lip balm, refer also to imabeautygeek.com. Finally, something we can do together. Now, we can bond over something that’s good for each of us.

We tried both flavors. My favorite is Peach Hibiscus and she prefers Vanilla Orchid. I think its good we each have our own unique flavors. At least, I’ll know I’m using someone else’s lip balm when I taste it and so will she. We both swear by our favorites. She says the Vanilla Orchid tastes like a funny tasting ice cream. At least that’s how a six year old explains the Orchid flavor.

I was a little hesitant to buy either flavors when I read the flower names. I knew some flowers were edible, but I wasn’t quite ready to try the tastes. The fact that they were vegan lip balms encouraged me to try them. I wanted to try it even though I don’t have any allergies to animal products like my daughter. Still, while ineffectual, that’s how I test thing for my baby first.

EOS original lip balms in berry acai and strawberry sorbet are my favorite flavors, hop over here. I was attracted to these because they’re made with no parabens, no petrolatum and they consist of 100% natural ingredients. Add to that the lip softeners and moisturizers are elements like Shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

Still, I’m glad EOS makes vegan lip balms now. Finally, my baby girl can soften her lips like her mommy.

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