Dr. Akhil Believes His Practice Is His Calling

Dr. Akhil began humanitarian activities right from his childhood. He joined the Red Cross and scouting bodies from an early age. Albeit, he was an ordinary child as he grew up, his choice of activities signified his desire to help people out of problems. He was born and raised in Texas, and he only left the locality when he joined campus. However, as soon as he completed University, he went right back to his city and began practicing dentistry there. Ever since that time, he has never left Texas as he currently serves with MB2 Dental.MB2 Dental is a venture that was founded by Dr. Chris Villanuella, who had previously been in private and corporate dental units. While in the above settings, Dr. Chris realized that that combining private and corporate dentistry would help dentists draw more benefits. In the cooperate environment, he realized that dentists were most times exploited as everything was done for profits ,while in private ventures, one had so many responsibilities to focus on the patients. Consequently, he concluded a combination would offer the ultimate environment for the dentists, birthing MB2 Dental.

Dr. Aphil was one of the few people to attain their doctorate by the age of 23. Before graduating with a doctorate in surgical dentistry, he was in an accelerated program at the University of the Pacific. Here he took a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences before enrolling immediately for the doctorate. Earlier when he was in high school, he had been torn between pursuing engineering and dentistry before finally settling for the latter. Immediately after graduating he began private practice, which failed; he bought a practice which failed and he was forced to sell it at a loss. While in that practice, he also confesses that he experienced major problems with staffing. His marketing techniques were also not advanced as he mainly depended on word of mouth.

However, upon the introduction of the social media, he used the same to draw customers to the venture. As a result of the bad experiences in his firm, Dr. Aphil learned a lesson or two, which he employs while working at MB2 Dental where he mainly practices dentistry and consultancy.Currently, Dr. Chris is rated among the leading dental practitioners in Texas. He attributes his success to treating those below him with respect. In an interview, he stated that if one treats the employees well, they become motivated and are then willing to move boulders in the firm. He also believes in balancing his time well between the practice and family. Visit his LinkedIn account : https://www.linkedin.com/in/drakhilreddy


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