Demi Lovato Joins Fabletics

What started out in the gym has turned out to be a great business adventure for both Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato. Demi and Kate met for the first time in the gym, and the business relationship was born. Kate said commented that she liked Demi from the first encounter and her confidence was going to be beneficial for Fabletics. Kate’s dream to have Demi onboard will soon be a reality as Demi’s Limited-Edition Capsule brand will be launched in Mid-May 2017.

The collection will include assorted fashion items including leggings, tops, jackets, and bras. This is a collection that will be suitable for the different body types as they will be available in various sizes. It is a brand that represents the young people.

The Grammy-award nominee has teamed up with the Fabletics to support the GirlUp, A United Nation’s Initiative. All the proceeds from the collection will benefit the SchoolCycle. It is an initiative that partners with UNFPA to provide maintenance and spare parts which provide a safe mode of transport. GirlUp is a United Nation Foundation that deals with adolescents, girls. It is a campaign that empowers girls across the world. The foundation promotes health, education, safety, and leadership.

Partnering with Fabletics will combine three of Demi’s passions: fashion, female empowerment, and Music. She will be involved with creative process while still empowering girls.

By partnering with Demi Lovato, Fabletics will create awareness for the brand among the adolescent girls. The Capsule Fashion Brand will be sold in over eight countries and will also be available on the website. The collection will be carried on the different Fabletics stores nationwide.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is an online retail fashion company that initially focused on female active wear. The Fashion Company uses a member-based system. This is a simple format that has given the company great success in the fashion industry.

They have a membership program that allows their clients to sign up for an account. The customers then fill a survey document providing information on their fashion preference. The Fabletics team uses the information to personalize their services.

At the start of every month, all the members of the Company receive an email with the latest trends based on their preference. It is not mandatory for the customers’ time to buy the clothes. However, they are mandated to make a decision before 5th of the month, or it would result in a store credit.

Fabletics has been giving Amazon a run for their money. Amazon currently controls 20% of the online retail industry. However, with the reverse showrooming, Fabletics has been controlling the industry. Showrooming is a technique that the online customers use to get information on the different fashion items. They will then use the information to buy the items at other stores at a discount.

With reverse showrooming, Fabletics has opened different stores. The stores give the members access to the various items. The Company has opened over 21 stores in different locations. They use the information provided by the members to stock the stores.

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