David McDonald Believes In Potential Of OSI Group

David McDonald is the president and chief operations officer of OSI Group. He joined the company over 30 years ago and rose through the ranks to his current position.

David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He joined the OSI group immediately after his graduation bringing on board wealth of knowledge on animal products.

David McDonald OSI Group has been instrumental in the growth of OSI Company over the years. He takes an active role in agricultural entrepreneurship initiative where he arranged for a trip to OSI facilities in China for a student group. One of the students from the group is currently among the team of employees employed by the company. David takes an active role in student intern programs organized by OSI group to nurture the nest generation of entrepreneurs.

David believes in following the customer’s opinion in innovation. Through this platform, the company encourages its employees and chefs to take the risk and try out new innovative ideas that will offer satisfaction to the clients. Taking risks allows the employees to learn new concepts and create new products. He also encourages an active relationship between the staff and consumers forming a platform to address the needs of the existing market.

Growing the company and leading it to be a premier global food provider remains the biggest aim to David. To achieve this, the company partners with equipment manufacturers to ensure reliable facilities are in place. New installations must meet the set standards to ensure the safety of the employees and the consumers and enhance quality production. Set standards of quality must correspond to the food safety standards set by regulating agencies in the region of operation.

OSI Group seeks to expand its presence in Europe and surrounding markets. According to David McDonald, acquisition of Baho Foods was a major step towards this achievement. He further explained the plans to maintain the staff of Baho Foods who better understand the European market. The employees will play a vital role in developing the new strategies required to grow in the European market. Coupled with creativity, innovation, and better management structures, ISO Company continues to focus on its growth strategy seeking an increase in its global presence.

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