David Giertz on Financial Stability and Retirement

School, work and then the stage often overlooked by many, retirement. We spend almost if not more than half of our lives working. We educate our children, buy our dream houses by the beach and take up loans to finance that vacation to the Sahara, but at the end of it all end up forgetting that there is life after the paycheck.

This situation can, however, be remedied, all you have to do is to plan early for retirement. How? You may be tempted to ask, well, David Giertz; a reputable financial advisor helps you answer this crucial question. No one wants to be wallowing in debt in their 60’s, we all hope to be financially stable.

David Giertz observes that it is not easy to save for retirement. This is because we are never really sure of the amount we are going to need. Additionally, a lot of many is required to foresee this stage in life bearing in mind that you will probably be spending way much than you are making. You, therefore, have to save. The money you are earning from your job is probably not enough to foresee this, so find additional ways to make money and save!

For those who wish to retire early, say by the time one is 55, you will need to have, by then, saved 33 times your yearly earnings. David Giertz notes that you should make retirement plans early enough; you do not want to be in a situation where you start saving for your retirement at the age of 40.

David Giertz is a financial advisor who works with the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He took the senior vice president position in 2003, a position he still holds to date. In March 2003, he became president of the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. WABC has certified him as a business coach. His has a BSC from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Miami.

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