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They say everything is bigger in Texas, and banking is no different- only, it’s better. NexBank Capital Inc in Dallas offers online banking, as well as personal and commercial. Other services include institutional banking in various forms. In operation since 1922, NexBank is currently headed by James Dondero. With their standards of excellence in both leadership in practice, NexBank currently services many cities across the United States.

 Types of Banking



Having served Texans for almost 100 years, NexBank appreciates the art of tailoring each banking experience to the individual needs of the clients they proudly serve. NexBank offers mortgages, as well as checkings and savings accounts.


In addition, the company offers convenient online banking. With their online banking, you have 24/7 access, can pay bills and keep track of your money online, and transfer funds to and from your accounts.




NextBank also offers lending services on a commercial level, on top of real-estate lending. Those who are looking for a reliable lender can look no further. Because of their reliability and belief in putting client needs first, they also offer credit services and treasury management. You don’t need to look further for your commercial banking needs- NexBank has you covered with these vast and dynamic services that cater to a variety of fields and business situations.

 Other Services


For those with more of an advanced financial prowess. NexBank offers investment banking as well. They specialize in traditional and not so traditional investment ventures, so don’t feel shy to tell them what’s on your mind! Besides this, the company also provides real estate advisory services, so you can make the wisest choice for your needs with the minimal amount of risk.

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  1. Kalani Davis August 12, 2017

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