Clay Siegall on the Success of Seattle Genetics

Dr Clay Siegall is a doctor and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of a large company called Seattle Genetics. The company is a biotech firm that is dedicated to developing targeted therapy medication for the types of cancer. Seattle Genetics was founded in Seattle, U. S. in 1998.


Dr Clay Siegall has always been interested in medicine and biology. He majored in Zoology with a bachelor’s degree from The University of Maryland and earned from George Washington University his Ph. D. in Genetics. He worked at a few institutes where he conducted medical research including research on cancer.


In 1998 he decided to move on and put a start to a company and created Seatle Genetics. The company has been experiencing a lot of success and has developed several approved medications that are currently available on the market. One of those drugs is currently available on the market in more than seventy countries.


Dr Clay Siegall turned his medical research to the types of cancer because his father had been suffering from the deadly disease. It started when Dr. Clay Siegall was at the age of 19, and when he was 24, his father passed away. His father did not pass away due to cancer per se, however, but due to the brutally intense chemotherapy. He developed anemia, and that only exacerbated his situation. Dr. Clay Siegall was struck with the reality that oncologists do not have the technology or drugs necessary in order to cure cancer and make chemotherapy bearable for their patients.


All of that had Dr. Clay Siegall dedicate his life to changing the reality of the situation, and he spent thirty years of his life dedicated to his medical research and to the ongoing drug and technology development at the company of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Clay Siegall that his success has been achieved through the belief that things can get better as long as expert continue to put in the and work necessary. His belief only got stronger after the FDA improved the first proprietary drug of Seattle Genetics in 2011 and a few more patents after that as well.


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