Clay Siegall and the success of Seattle Genetics

One of the fields that has been growing and expanding greatly over the past couple of decades is medical science and biotechnology. Despite the many advances that have been made, we are still yet to completely eliminate diseases such as cancer, which are a major menace to our generation. This is the one fight that the CEO of the Biotech Company Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall had in mind when he founded the clinic.

Less than two decades since Siegall started the clinical stage company, he is already presenting tremendous results to the population. The first of the treatments his labs developed has already gotten approval from the FDA and is now being sold as a therapy for patients that suffer from different types of cancer. The drug, Adcetris has become a brand globally and has been approved for use in more than 60 countries. In the first year of its sale, the drug generated sales of close to $350 million. Companies such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals have been helping the company sell the drug in Canada.

The interesting thing about Siegall and his company is the despite the fact that he is now publicly trading on NASDAQ, he has not stopped looking for ways to deal with different types of lymphomas. There are 12 more drugs that are in the clinical testing stage in his clinic, and they are all projected to be successful in dealing with different cancer types. The company also plans to expand their workforce by hiring one hundred more members of staff.
The company has been in the public limelight for all the right reasons. For instance, they recently got a visit from none other than the vice president Joe Bidden himself. Since the release of their drugs and the announcement that there is another of their drugs that is doing well in clinical runs, their shares have been doing well on NASDAQ.
The CEO founded the company in 1998 after working in various other biotechnology companies. He has vast experience in dealing with clinical research and the success that comes from this level of commitment to solving the problems of humanity is getting rewarded.

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