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EOS Lip Balm: Flavors That Wow

When you hear someone raving about flavors like vanilla mint, strawberry sorbet, and coconut milk you probably envision luxurious desserts. It may come as a shock to hear that these are not flavors of cookies, cakes or candies, but lip balm. That’s right, these are just a few of the flavors that EOS has to offer. Their amazing flavor combinations and innovative designs are all just part of the reason the company has had such great success.

The founders of EOS lip balm started the company nearly seven years ago after noticing a huge hole in the market. There was a need for something new and innovative, so, they set out to fill it. If you’re a little bit shaken by this new lip balm, don’t worry. Though all of their flavors are amazing, it can be overwhelming when you’re used to simple flavors like cherry and bland non-flavored sticks of balm, see products here on Here are a few flavors to start with.


Passion Fruit

This is a mild flavor that has been used for just about everything from lip balm to sports drinks. Passion fruit is sweet but not overwhelming to the senses making it the perfect place to start trying. A great plus about EOS is that all of their lip balms are made with natural flavors and vitamin E. Making your lips healthier and smoother than ever before. This flavor comes in a Purple Orb.


Pomegranate Raspberry

Once you’ve inevitably decided that you love the brand you could move on to a slightly more adventurous sensation like pomegranate raspberry. This flavor will hit your senses a little harder but still leave you with a refreshing feeling and a heavenly scent. Comes in a crimson orb.


Sweet Mint

Now that you’re used to loving the taste and smell of your lip balm you’ll probably want to try some of the more exciting flavors. Sweet mint just sounds delicious. Wow your senses and feel good about giving your lips the care they deserve. Comes in a light blue sphere, find more products here on


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