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Robert Ivy’s Stunning Personal Details

Robert Ivy is one of the most outstanding architects based on the leadership position he holds and the many achievements he possesses. He is the CEO of American Institute of Architects hence depicting his significance in the architectural domain.

Robert Ivy became the editor in chief of Architectural Record in the year 1996. While holding this leadership position, he helped the organization to grow into one of the leading architectural journals globally. Moreover, the journal became widely read hence depicting his strategic management of the company which led it into such a great performance.

Mr. Robert Ivy also served excellently as an editorial director in McGraw Hill Construction Media. As such, he was in charge of HQ Magazine, Sweets, Constructor, ENR, HQ Magazine, Architectural Record, Sustainable Design, and SNAP. Being a leader in all these sectors portrays his impeccable leadership skills and knowledge in the architectural field.

The leadership skills of Robert Ivy in managing these organizations and even leading one of the journals to grow into a world leading architecture journal made him be widely recognized. As such, Robert Ivy received numerous awards to recognize his relevance to other architects and other individuals involved in the construction industry. Some of the prizes that he won are premier magazine journalism award, Folio Design Award, Digital Award for being a leader of the website of the year and the US Society of Magazine Editors National Award.

One of the major achievements that an architect can boast of is the Crain Award. This is an award that is won by only a few and the most outstanding people who are recognized for the distinctions within architecture. In 2009, Mr. Robert Ivy won the Crain Award. This means that he was given the highest recognition possible by the American Business Media. To add to his many achievements, Robert Ivy was voted in 2010 as the Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity. This is a significant achievement because he was the only one selected in the twenty-first century and is among the seven individuals to receive the award in a one hundred years history.

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