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Jason Halpern – An icon in Real Estate

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH Development is one of the leading real estate development companies, which works in some of the best real estate marketplaces around the country. These markets include Brooklyn, Miami Beach, and Manhattan, to name just a few. Jason Halpern is the Founder and Managing Partner. He specializes in creating luxury properties that are quite distinctive and do not look like anything else.Halpern has real estate in his blood and is the third generation of his family to work in the real estate market. Not only that but his company, JMH, has over fifty years of experience in the managing and construction of multiple properties. Most of these properties are located in New York which is one of the top pinnacles of the real estate market. Many have said if you can become successful in New York then you can become successful anywhere. Jason Halpern and has family live out that mantra every single day.The Halpern family has created hundreds of apartments in Westchester County New York and New York City. They also are quite successful in the Commercial arena and have developed numerous Class A space in Westchester County.

Jason Halpern with Model Milana and Richard

Jason’s Family

JMH is dedicated to having their building live on for generations. The central philosophy of the JMH group is their ongoing dedication to historic preservation on many of their properties.Halpern loves historical buildings and uses his vision to restore them. One of his favorite sayings is that you must “Respect the community in which you develop” This saying is self –evident not only in the work he does but follows through with every person that is hired on by JMH development.Jason Halpern is a philanthropist at heart and uses much of his time and his resources to help the community.

He has used much of his resources to invest in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center which is located in Westchester County.Halpern also uses his considerable resources to help those who are living outside the United States. In 2015 through the company JMH, He was able to launch a non-profit that deals with clean water. This non-profit was founded in Miami Florida and works with those in Ethiopia and Nepal to guarantee they have fresh water. He has pledged $20,000 from each contract signed in Miami will go to this endeavor.Jason Halpern and the JMH group are so much more than historical preservationists.

Why Everybody Loves The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Only a select few, hand-chosen malls are capable of meeting all the desires of their customers. However, the Santiago Manaira mall is an exception to that golden rule. The mall provides a near-perfect balance of quality, affordable products, services, and fun to patrons.

This mall is situated in the Joao Pessoa area in Northern Brazil. It’s owned by the serial investor, Robert Santiago. The main attraction drawing in all those thousands of daily customers are the fantastic stores. Every global retailer has grabbed a space on the premises to showcase and sell their brands.

World Class Stores

The stores at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping complex are jam-packed with goods and products for the entire family. High-end fashion boutiques cater to the needs of toddlers all the way to the needs of senior citizens. If you fancy designer watches, jewelry and perfumes, then this is the ideal shopping destination for you. There are outlets specializing in furniture, books and sports supplies.

In an attempt to simplify the shopping experience, the mall has published an entire directory of all their stores and the products they offer. Visit the mall’s official website and get started off on the right footing.

Entertainment Spots

Movie lovers will want to stop over at the celebrated Cinepolis movie theater. Stop by and catch up with all the latest flicks on the high definition screens. Additionally, the revelers could just attend a festival, concert or art fairs held at the impressive Domus Hall.

Excellent Customer Care

The staff is courteous and friendly to their customers. There’s ample and secure parking for customers. The locals at this Northeastern city of Brazil are famous for their welcoming and friendly ways.

Tantalizing Foods and Drinks

Take a break from the shopping by entering any one of the top-notch hotels, fast foods joints or restaurants found in the mall. There are Brazilian cuisines and dishes from all over the globe at friendly prices. Other amenities include an amusement park and a health spa.

About Robert Santiago

The entrepreneur was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. His entrepreneurial spirit started while still a young man. He eventually gained the necessary skills and capital to start his café. He’s also dealt with the manufacturing of decorations. Robert has a Business Administration degree from the prestigious University Center of Joao Pessoa. Robert’s a huge fan of racing sports.

Raj Fernando Moves from a Volunteer to the CEO

Raj Fernando is an expert in technological innovations and international financial markets. He is the CEO and founder of Scoutahead and principal executive at the Brookings Institute on Foreign Policy Leadership. Raj’s career began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. Today he is prominent for starting as a volunteer to the CEO in a well-established organization. His intelligence and expertise in cyber security helped him to establish Chopper Trading in 2002 when he was an active member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Life as the CEO of Chopper Trading

In 2004, Mr. Fernando vowed to make Chopper Trading an ultimate powerhouse. As the chief executive officer of the Chopper Trading, he designed, executed, and controlled communications, risk management, source code security programming, monitoring, and trading in the financial industry. After operating for almost a decade, Chopper Trading was sold to DRW in 2005.

Although the trading floor was intense and bustling at the time of opening a market and after it closes, Chopper Trading employees would relieve stress by gaming in the Chopper Trading’s break room. According to Mr. Fernando, gaming helps employees to interact and work efficiently.

After selling Chopper Trading to DWR in 2005, Mr. Fernando launched the internet start-up company, Scountahead. The company provided the most trusted and reliable communication system to help individuals and corporations to increase professional and corporate productivity and growth. Scoutahead uses personal scores to provide insights based on self-evaluation and peer reviews. Use of personal scores provides a better understanding of what others think about their strengths.

With over 25 years of experience in philanthropic activities, Mr. Fernando is recognized for his exceptional advisory role and contribution towards various organizations, boards, and companies that he served. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors at PAWS Chicago and Board of Trustees at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
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Lawyer Sam Tabar Provides Clients Reliable Capital Management Advice

Proving yourself as a lawyer in a competitive field like capital strategy takes a lot of time and great representation. Acquiring your first clients takes a lot of work and trust, because there are so many missteps that can occur, and legal issues at stake. Lawyer Sam Tabar has made a name for himself and specialized in this area of the legal field in a much faster amount of time that other lawyers in the same area. First and foremost, it is about providing your clients with the best service possible, and ensuring the success of their business and interests.

At FullCycle Fund, in New York City, Sam Tabar is able to serve a diverse set of clients that come to the firm seeking representation and consulting. With a wide sense of business acumen, capital strategy, legal knowledge, and other skills at his side, Tabar has shown himself to be a valuable resource to the clients in his portfolio. Tabar understands that he is only as successful as his clients are, so it is essential to him that he gives all his attention to his clients and is able to help them increase their wealth and standing in their respective industries.

When looking at the professional resume that Tabar has created, it is easy to clearly see where improvements and growth have occurred as a direct result of his work. Having an member of your business that does not just focus on the success of his clients, but is able to create growth within the company is a huge asset.

PRNewswire is quick to point out all these advantages and qualities of employing Sam Tabar. Being able to sell your skills based on your reputation alone is the best skill a businessman can possess, especially when he is able to offer a variety of services to clients that would otherwise have to hire a myriad of professionals for several positions.  Check him out on Twitter @SamirTabar.