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Felipe Montoro Talks about Public – Private Partnerships

Felipe is an infrastructure project expert. He has a lot to say about private and public partnerships. he talks about different topics including public lighting, public market, sanitation projects, bidding for concessions of public clocks among other topics. The mayor says that the meeting’s purpose was to have a number of things defined clearly. These include priorities as well as service areas that the government will need to seek partnerships with private initiatives in order to hasten the future.

The mayor believes that these partnerships will be one of the ways that financial crisis will be minimized if not eliminated. He believes that these programs need to be implemented in all areas of the municipal administration. This is why the mayor signed the necessary documents that would enable such partnerships to take place. There will be correct supervision of government projects because the governance organ in place ensures that there will be active transparency for the projects. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the council will plan and execute the public-private partnerships.

The program management council is responsible for defining the conditions that guarantee the inclusion of the projects. it is also responsible for evaluating reports and implementation of the concession and public-private partnership agreements. They are also responsible for the bidding process regulation as well as approving and making decisions on the deals.

The CGP is led by the mayor who acts as the president. Other members are the vice mayor, strategic partnership secretaries, planning, finance and institutional relationship management, economic development, municipality attorney general as well as project infrastructure expert in this case being Felipe Montoro. The country has been going through a crisis in the country the members of the team are not remunerated for their services. The members are also barred from any participation in discussions in public as well as the right to make a vote.