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Securus Technologies Helping Officers to Keep Peace in Prison

Each day that I arrive to the jail to report as a corrections officer, I have to remind myself that if I lose focus for a second that inmates can easily take me out. These inmates are dealing with overcrowded conditions and have a real hatred towards authority recently and would love to get the message out by hurting an officer. These inmates are outnumbering us and have plenty of time each day to look for weaknesses in the jail, so if we can utilize any resources to maintain order, we gladly welcome the opportunity to secure this facility.


Securus Technologies has really be instrumental in the way that our officers are able to lock-down our facility and keep violence to a minimum. The company created a new call monitoring system that replaced our jail phone system and now gives us the ability to pay closer attention to the inmates without having to listen to the calls any longer. The LBS software now monitors the calls, so my team is able to get on the ground and be more of a visual presence than in the past so the inmates know we mean business.


We trust CEO Rick Smith at Securus Technologies because he already is getting rave reviews about the 2,600 monitoring systems already in jails around this country. Now that we have the monitoring system running and in full operational mode, the results speak for themselves. Last month an inmate was picked up on the LBS software when he was asking his wife if she would hide her medications in her bra and sneak it to him at the visitor center. Then another inmate talked about hiding a weapon for another inmate to use on a rival gang member next week. In these instances, we eliminated the threat before it occurred.


Securus Gives Law Enforcement Upper Hand With New Tech

The fourth amendment protects the American citizen from unreasonable search and seizure. It essentially allows everybody a certain level of privacy from the government. And the average citizen has a reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to telephone calls. The government should not be allowed to listen to your telephone calls unless they have reason to believe that you are committing a crime.


This is a vital protection, but it can trip up law enforcement officials during a criminal investigation. Imagine the frustration of being a police officer who knows a particular person committed a crime but cannot prove it with physical evidence. Being able to listen to that suspect’s phone calls would be a major boost to the investigation.


Fortunately for law enforcement officers, incarcerated prisoners have forfeited the fourth amendment protections because of their criminal convictions. This allows a third-party company like Securus Technologies to record all the phone calls going into the prison.


Securus Technologies is a technologies company that provides telephone services to jails. The company also innovates on a weekly basis to come up with new ways to help law enforcement do their jobs. One of their most recent innovations gives law enforcement officials the upper hand in preventing crimes.


Anybody calling into a prison is warned that the telephone calls are recorded. This warning effectively waives the fourth amendment right of the person calling in to the prison. This warning also makes these recorded telephone calls admissible in court.


Eager law enforcement officials can use an innovative software program developed by Securus Technologies to instantly search this entire audio database. The software allows a law enforcement official to lock onto a particular vocal fingerprint. Any phone conversation that a single voice has been involved with will be immediately presented to the law-enforcement official giving that official important information instantly.


Securus Keeps Me Connected To Family With Technology

I have been using this new service from Securus Technologies. I think it is a little too simple to call it a video chat service. It’s more like a scheduler, video chat service, and a lifesaver bundled all together. I call it a lifesaver because it is the only thing connecting me to my niece who is serving a two-year prison sentence.


Securus gets these government contracts to provide telephone and Internet services to prisons. I am very lucky that my niece is serving time in prison that this company services. I have heard all sorts of horror stories about other companies that manage to charge an arm and a leg in order to get a telephone call. I am really glad that Securus doesn’t gouge me with price-fixing. Instead, they make it easy for me to use their technology which connects me to my loved one.


Even an old-timer like me can figure out this technology. You just head on over to their website and set up an account. The people at Securus even reached out to me to ask if I needed help with the whole process. But it was simple enough that I can do it on my own.


Once you have the account set up, it is easy to request a video visitation session. This information is then sent to my niece’s prison for approval. Once it is approved, I get a message right away. Then it is like an appointment. When the time is right, I just log back into my account and use my laptop to talk to my niece.


This technology allows me to keep her informed of everything that’s going on at home. I really want her to transition back into society as smoothly as possible. This technology allows me to keep her grounded and connected.


Field Experts From Securus Technology Complete The Prestigious BICSI Certification

Securus Technologies has announced that eleven of its field services specialists have completed the coveted BICSI Technician I Certification. The certification is an important milestone is the careers of these technicians because it proves that the designated experts are leaders in the communication technology field. Perhaps, the heavy invest has resulted in numerous industry awards and countless innovations by Securus Technologies, which has propelled it to the top of the industry handling advanced communication of criminal justice organisations.


BICSI represents Building Industry Consulting Service International, which is a professional body dedicated to providing training for communication professionals. BICSI training and educational products are available in more than 100 countries. Similarly, BICSI Technician I Certification is also regarded as a benchmark in the industry because it covers a wide range of subjects that includes the entire spectrum of communication infrastructure. Technicians taking the certification need to pass stringent modules, which include pathways, spaces, optical fiber and copper-based distribution systems. During the certification, each individual must design, implement and manage several stand-along projects, which can only be done by experienced field specialists who have already spent several years in the field.


Explaining the need for such high-end certifications, Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus Technologies, suggested that his clients have become accustomed to very high-level of personalized customer service. As a result, the certification is a perfect fit to meet the ongoing demands of our clients who want a sophisticated system. He claimed that an average field expert has nearly 15 years of experience in the field, which makes them suitable to undergo rigorous training offered by BICSI.