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Why the New Lip Balm from EOS has Become so Popular

About EOS

Evolution of Smooth makes fabulous beauty products including lotions and shaving creams with the aim of making the daily routine practices stylish. Their products are very recommendable as they have been proven to be free of gluten, rich in natural oils and are not allergic to the skin.


EOS’s latest lip balm

EOS’s latest lip balm that is vegan flavored captured the attention of many. Surprisingly, the rate at which this fabulous product was manufactured at was way lower than the sales as people preferred animal-byproducts-free products.

Recently, the company decided to remove one of the ingredients they were using in the manufacture of their lip balms; beeswax. To their surprise, the product became extremely populous in a matter of days.

Affordability of EOS products has attracted many. Most of their products are pocket-friendly. Natural skin products are commonly costly which has made then outshine most of their competitors.

The company’s commitment to producing unique products has made it attract many celebrities, e.g., Kim Kardashian making it very profitable. There two vegan crystal – flavor balms available in the market that customers can choose from.


How Chapstick was outwitted

EOS recently entered the market and outdid Chapstick as they gained a lot of popularity from users. In the past, everyone who went shopping in a supermarket looking for lip balm would only consider buying Chapstick. Well, this is not the case now.

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Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of EOS is ambitious as he is wholly focused on manufacture and distribution of their products without any inconvenience. He further states that their biggest goal is to satisfy all the customers’ needs adequately.



The latest lip balm by EOS is the product to go for. Natural lip products that are free from allergic side effects are rare and very costly nowadays which explain why it is necessary to consider the new pocket- friendly vegan – flavored lip balm.

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