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Equities First Concludes A Successful Transaction In the UK After Returning The Shares Of ANGLE Plc

Recently Equities First Holdings (EFH) announced that it had completed a transaction with ANGLE’s CEO, Andre Newland. The company returned 1.35 million shares of the company to him. In the transaction, the stock served as a collateral. The two-year financial facility that originated in 2014 was one of the global lender’s initial transactions carried out in the United Kingdom following its acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. EFH is a global leader in providing alternative shareholder financing solutions. It purchased Meridian in 2014. Subsequently, the company re branded the acquired firm and changed its name to Equities First (London) Limited. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK plays a crucial role in regulating the firm’s operations.


Al Christy said that the return of collateral to customers is a normal procedure at the company. He is the CEO and founder of Equities First Holdings. The firm, together with its subsidiaries, has successfully completed over 700 transactions. While commenting on the successful transaction, Christy noted that the company has a perfect record of accomplishment when it comes to returning their clients collateral upon maturity. This information was originally reported on Market Wired as explicated in this link


About Equities First


Equities First Holdings is a global lender that offers efficient solutions to corporations and high net-worth individuals in need of non-purpose capital. Since 2002, the company has been offering clients with different financing options. It has enabled clients to accomplish their business and professional objectives by supplying capital against publicly traded stocks. To date, Equities First Holding has delivered over $1.4 billion dollars in funding. The company’s loan process is swift, transparent and simple. One needs to present his or her proposed collateral’s information. EFH analyses the proposal and determines whether you qualify for the required funding or not.


EFH focuses on developing a product that can supply liquidity through a secure and transparent process at attractive terms. This distinguished approach concerning non-purpose financing has seen EFH undertake numerous transactions. Its distinctive method of funding offers clients with capital at a lower cost in addition to better financing terms. Equities First Holdings operates across the world. It has offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, Perth, and Bangkok. The company’s financing arrangements are customized to the requirements of an individual borrower.