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Paul Mampilly reveals the mega-trends to look out for in the coming days

For the past 3 or so years, Mr. Paul Mampilly has been serving at Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor in charge of a number of publications such as Extreme Fortunes and Profits unlimited where he covers a number of investment options including technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks.

Mr. Paul Mampilly’s publications are unique from the others in the market in the sense that he includes real-world examples in a deliberate and conscious effort of making it super easy for his readers to have a clear sense of how the stock he is recommending is likely to work out for them in the coming days. The newsletters come full of charts and relevant data which can go a long way in helping readers make informed investment decisions.

Whenever Mr. Paul Mampilly is doing a recommendation write up, he always puts himself in the shoes of an ordinary investor on Main Street with basic investment knowledge and therefore breaks the information down to the most easily understandable form so that they can be able to put the information to actual use. He assumes that his readers have their own busy lives to live and hence the need to do the heavy lifting for them.

Mr. Paul Mampilly also went ahead to reveal that there are two big trends that are currently unfolding which will heavily weigh on the market in the coming days. One of them is the Internet of Things which he believes will change the way things are done in several sectors of the economy including but not limited to automotive, marine, aerospace, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and energy where interconnected computers will be doing a better job in these industries when compared to their current employees.

Another very important trend that is currently ongoing is the ever-increasing number of the population of millennials especially in the United States and all across the world. Currently, in the united states alone the millennials’ population make up to almost 100 million individuals of the total population. This means that any business organization that wants to be successful in the marketplace must pay maximum attention to this group’s choices and preferences considering that their huge numbers will definitely inform the direction of the economy. Therefore it is only prudent for any serious investor out there to keep tabs on the business organizations that this group of people does business with as they as poised for even further success.

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Timothy Armour Chairs Capital Group to Offer Sound Investment Advice

Warren Buffet is an American entrepreneur and investor considered to be successful across the world. The 2017 search for the wealthiest man on earth ranked him the second. Recently, Warren made a prediction over an investment strategy. According to him, investors should focus on small investment dockets that will, in turn, offer more yields at a minimum loss. Warren says that most investments dockets have left investors crying for their lost money. Unlike the strategy where investors put their money to great schemes, it is vital to consider placing money in small organizations like charity funds that can yield profits. In his words, he says that there are too many investment schemes out to shortchange investors and learn more about Timothy.


Timothy Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group. His appointment came at a sad moment when the company lost Jim Rothenberg amidst financial crisis in the state. Tim was placed in a better position for the candidacy following his vast experience at Capital Group. The company manages over $ 1.4 trillion assets, and at that moment, many investors had fallen victims of passive fund managers. Armour was the best choice to address the issues about rebuilding market shares after the death of Jim Rothenberg. Armour had been the deputy key manager to Jim. He had extensive experience among the executives of the company. The research designed models he created in the company were extremely helpful in developing long-term benefits to the fund management. He was also the key decision maker of the company hence his appointment as chairman of the company and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Education and Career

Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group. He is also the chief executive officer of the research management team at Capital Group. He is a portfolio manager who initiates diversified portfolios throughout the investment journey. With over thirty-four years experience in investment management, Armour has been giving advice to public and private organizations. Earlier in his investment career, Armour he was an equity investment manager at Capital Group. He was in charge of global telecommunications as well as U.S. service companies. Armour is an alumnus of Middlebury where he majored in economics. He resides in Los Angeles and has been of great financial help to the people of America and read full article.

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Nine9 Founder Conducts an Interview with Ideamensch about His Career

Ideamensch sat down to do an interview with the founder of the Nine9 UnAgency talent recruiting firm, Anthony Toma. The entrepreneurial website asked him of his career and how he overcame some of his obstacles in business. Below is a synopsis of his Ideamensch interview.

One of the questions posed to Anthony Toma during his interview was what is one business idea he is willing to give away to the readers of Ideamensch. Mr. Toma responded by saying he believes that someone should create a puffy sticker that could be put on a cellphone. The sticker will have the words do not text and drive to dissuade people from texting and driving. People would put the sticker on the phone before they get behind the wheel. Anthony Toma believes such as an invention could help save lives that result from crashes due to drivers texting and driving and not paying attention to the road. The sticker could puff up or have really colorful red words to bring home the point and more information click here.

Ideamensch then asked Anthony Toma what is one failure he overcame in his business career and how did he do it? His response was that he became a franchisee for a franchisor that was inept. As a franchisee he could not make the decision at the top that would ultimately impact his bottom line and how he would operate his business. The franchisee business went bankrupt and Anthony Toma later started his business so that he could run it himself. He has used the failure of that business and the knowledge he has gained during the process to create Nine9 the UnAgency.

Nine9 The Unagency is a company that serves the 99% of actors, models, dancers and stage performers that do not have agents of their own. It offers aspiring performing artists the chance to find acting, dancing, modeling and stage jobs that would otherwise be restricted them. Listings are offered through the Nine9 UnAgency website and members of the company can also be directly contacted by directors, designers and screenwriters if their profile or talents match their needs.

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Christopher Burch: A True Entrepreneurial Spirit

True entrepreneurial spirit is something that few people have these days. Sure, there are business owners, but a lot of people just go through life without truly wanting to take on the business world. According to Huffington Post, Christopher Burch, however, is a man that wanted to take the world head on. He is a true entrepreneur, and he has proven himself to be an extremely able and gifted businessman.


Christopher Burch ( grew up in a small neighborhood in Pennsylvania. His father, a business owner, always told him that a person should have pride when they work for themselves. There is just something wonderful about working hard and reaping the rewards without having to do something for somebody else. This led Christopher to dream about being an entrepreneur. He tried out this dream when he went to school with his brother. They invested a total of $2,000 in an apparel business that sold sweatshirts to students. He proved himself when he and his brother were able to sell the business for $165 million after just ten years of doing business. With money in his pocket and his head full of ideas for great investments, there is nothing to keep Christopher Burch from succeeding.


Taking his windfall from his college business, Christopher created the Burch Creative Capital Group and investment firm that seeks out new, exciting, and disruptive ideas. The purpose behind this approach was the fact that investments in sure things were only able to generate profits for a limited amount of time. However, with brand new markets and technologies that cannibalize older, matured tech, the sky is really the limit on how much you can make. He found this out very quickly, making money hand over fist for several years.


Christopher Burch is now a billionaire, but his investing days are far from over. He continues to seek out those investments that are deemed too risky to other investors. He wants those creative, new ideas that are going to throw the entire industry for a loop and disrupt the market. In his current portfolio, he boasts investments in over 50 different successful companies. He has given money to many name brands as well, such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, Voss Water, and more. He is also giving a lot of his money back to the global community, giving to organizations that are helping with women’s and children’s welfare in China, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and many other globally recognized charities.