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Troy McQuagge Has Brought USHEALTH to New Heights

When Troy McQuagge first started out with USHEALTH, he found that there were some issues with the company. He knew that it was something that would be hard for him to make things right and he also knew that there were some complications that would come along with making the company the best that he could. Instead of backing down from the challenge, Troy McQuagge began working harder and made sure that he was going to be able to help people get all of the options that they needed from the experiences that they had in the USHEALTH industry standards.


As the CEO, Troy McQuagge felt that it was his duty to make the company better. While he has been there for less than 10 years, Troy McQuagge has found many things that he can change about the company and all of these have been things that he can make a difference with. Because Troy McQuagge has done his best to make things better for USHEALTH, he knows that he is an industry leader and the company is not what it is without him. He could have chosen to work with a different company but, instead, he decided that he would make USHEALTH better than what it was.


One of the most important things that Troy McQuagge did with USHEALTH was turn around the way that the company operated. Instead of focusing on numbers and margins, he decided to change things and begin focusing on the people who they served: their clients. He wanted all of the clients to feel like they were getting a premier service and like they were part of something that mattered. He also wanted them to know that they would be protected no matter what happened with the company, with their health or with anything that was related to it.


While Troy McQuagge was doing this for the good of the company, he actually won an award for the things that he did. He wanted to make the USHEALTH company better but it resulted in him winning the Gold CEO of the Year award from One Planet. This is an award that takes a lot of work to be able to get and it is not one that is taken lightly. There is a lot of consideration that goes into choosing who gets this award and it is an honor for Troy McQuagge to be able to have it.