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Of Ethics and Activists

If there is one thing that needs to be addressed, it is ethics. A lot of people are acting in unethical ways towards others. Among the common sources of unethical practices are rulers of countries. There are rulers that deal with their own country in a way that limits if not denies human rights. Fortunately, there are people that are looking for ways to address the tyranny in oppressive countries. They are human rights activists. These days, more people are revealing how oppressive their society is. Then there are human rights activists like Thor Halvorssen that are trying to fight for a more humane world.

Thor Halvorssen is considered a trouble maker for Tyrants, and the new face of human rights activism. For one thing, he is changing the stereotype of human rights activists. Often times, they are seen as the gloomy types that love humanity and yet hate people. Thor Halvorssen is presenting a different picture of a happier activist that has a deep love for people. He is also working intensely on helping out the oppressed. While he does have an intensity about him, he is also willing to work with people in order to come to an agreement. Click here to watch video.

While many other human rights activists seem to talk about the issues in front of the camera and not much else, Thor Halvorssen is known to actually get dirty and even take some blows for the oppressed. There were times when he was used as a punching bag. He takes that as all part of the job. When he started the Human Rights Foundation, Thor has adopted the motto to not just talk about human rights, but to get dirty and take action. After all, it is called Human Rights Activism for a reason. Thor Halvorssen believes in being active.

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Eradicating Tyranny via the Thor Halvorssen’s Way

With the existence of dictatorial regimes, which exercise total control over their subjects or citizens, comes an increasing need for more individuals like Halvorssen to fight for the rights of the oppressed. An Article published by the Weekly Standard dubbed as the Troublemaker for Tyrants on April 06, 2015 gave an insight into Thor’s background and accomplishments in his effort to fight against tyrants.

Thor’s bloodline appears to possess traces of advocating for human rights when and where they are abused. His father was imprisoned and tortured in Caracas prison for exposing corruption within the government system. More so, his mother was shot during a peaceful anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration.

It is evident that Thor greatly enjoys associating with freedom’s troublemakers, defectors, and dissidents from all parts of the world. Although he has been perceived as a right-winger, especially after receiving money from Bradley Foundation, a conservative group. He has consistently rejected the title by likening himself to a classical liberal. When it comes to eradicating tyrants and their brutal acts in many nations, Thor maintains his focus on the objective without concerning himself with factors such as the political inclinations of the individuals he or she works within his line of work.

Who is Thor Halvorssen

Halvorssen is popularly known for his relentless effort in championing for human rights, especially in places where dictatorship and oppression are the order of the day. He is a Venezuelan citizen who serves as a film producer and human rights advocate. His primary contributions revolve around individual rights, public interest advocacy, pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberty and public policy. Over the years, Thor has made significant contributions in advocating for human rights through organizations and platforms such as Oslo Freedom Forum and the Human Rights Foundation.

As a film producer, Thor has been of invaluable use in the production of numerous films including Harrison Bergeron, The Sugar Babies, The Singing Revolution, Hammer & Tickle as well as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Thor’s name is also enlisted as a producer of Indoctrinate U, a documentary regarding college campuses’ left-wing biases. In addition, Thor is an undergraduate and graduate holder of Political Science and History from the University of Pennsylvania. for more .

Thor Halvorssen Set To Take On North Korean Dictatorship

Thor Halvorssen has been involved in the human rights activism community for a number of years since he fought alongside Amnesty International to help free his own father from illegal imprisonment and torture after his diplomatic role saw him uncover evidence of widespread corruption in Venezuelan law enforcement agencies. Halvorssen believes there is much work around the world that needs to be done to restore human rights to many nations where citizens have lived through decades of tyrannical rule; among global leaders who have faced the wrath of Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation co-workers the North Korean dictatorship has been the focus of much of the work of Thor Halvorssen.

Not only has Thor Halvorssen worked with Silicon Valley experts and North Korean defectors to develop the “Hack North Korea” campaign that takes information across the closed borders of the socialist nation, but he has also given time at the Oslo Freedom Forum to political dissidents from the nation to publicize the issues faced in the country. Halvorssen made sure the Oslo freedom Forum was the site for a meeting between Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and groups of North Korean defectors who came together to create digital information to be smuggled into the country.

Halvorssen points to the fact the people of North Korea have lived under the dictatorship of members of the Kim family for over 70 years and many have no knowledge of what a truly free life entails as reason for his battle to end the rule of the socialist government of the nation. The North Korean regime has been accused of many abuses by Thor Halvorssen, including operating brutal prison camps that are open to prisoners committing what Halvorssen sees as ridiculous crimes; Thor Halvorssen reveals the people of North Korea rarely have enough to eat and live in fear of a further famine striking the nation as it did in the 1990s when over three million people died.