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Samadi Will Host Dr. Coomer On Breast Health Through His Housecall Show

It is the month of breast cancer awareness and doctors are out in mammoths to teach masses. Dr. David Samadi has taken the initiative to host one Dr. Coomer who is a health expert when it comes to breast cancer and breast health. Samadi, who is the host of the famous show dubbed Housecall, said that he thought of hosting Coomer because she is an expert and has vast experience.

Coomer is excited to be part of the show

According to Coomer, this will be a life changing experience as she gets the chance to work with Samadi again. The two have rubbed shoulders in the field in the past years. She continued to explain that is honored to be part of the show that has been created in order to educate Americans on health matters. Coomer explained her excitement to be part of an educator in Samadi’s show. She also stated that it was important for her to educate Americans.

David praises Coomer for her experience

Dr. David Samadi said that he choose Coomer because she has vast experience in what she teaches. Before joining her current practice, Northwell Health in Island University, Coomer served as an experienced breast surgeon for Mt. Sinai Hospital. She was successful to the point of developing a clinical practice that was committed to providing treatment for malignant and benign. Coomer, therefore, is better positioned to attend the show that will be aired on 15th October, 2017. She will facilitate the learning process by answering all questions in regards to breast health.

Personal Profile of Samadi

The name Dr. David Samadi reflects health and early detection. He has been in the field of early detection of diseases especially in men for over five years. Samadi is dedicated to helping men in seeking treatment on time. He has extensive experience as a robotic surgeon and has special interests in prostate cancer. Dr.DavidSamadi is compassionate and educated on cancer awareness and treatment. He is a prostate surgeon and offers comforting therapies after surgery. His experience reflects his commitment as he has performed over 7,000 surgeries in search for better health in men. Samadi hosts the Housecall show to educate society. For more info about us: click here.


Dr. David Samadi is also a leading surgeon in New York City. He has established unmatched platforms to offer treatment. His experience cannot be matched. As years pass by, his educative platforms are set to expand with the intention of educating more people.

Making Preparations For Your Lifeline Screening

The one big factor that Lifeline Screening brings to the table is the availability of screening and testing to the general public without having to go to the hospital or a medical testing facility. So many times these facilities take longer to get a referral and an appointment. Lifeline Screening is usually an immediate appointment and is usually much less expensive.

In addition many people tend to put off seeing their doctor for regular checkups because they are experiencing no symptoms. They reason that if they feel well, then all is well. That is not necessarily the case as most of our most serious illnesses begin with little or no symptoms.

Lifeline screening offers many screenings and tests that can filter out potential difficult conditions. For example the ultrasound tests reveal much about the inner workings of our bodies. With ultrasound, for example, the medical professionals can actually see the blood flow in the arteries, detecting possible blockages. A few drops of blood is all that is needed to put together a complete lipid blood panel that is used to test cholesterol levels, levels of glucose showing possible diabetic conditions, and liver enzyme levels, showing possible kidney disease.

A limited electrocardiograph can detect an irregular heartbeat which can throw off blood clots, causing strokes. Other cardiac tests are done depending on possible symptoms and requests.

If you are going to have screenings done it is a good idea to properly prepare for the tests. If you are going to have a blood test, fasting for 12 hours before the test is recommended. Just drink enough water to stay hydrated. Dress appropriately by wearing loose-fitting clothing. Women should wear slacks and a loose top. Men should wear loose fitting slacks and a sports shirt. You may be asked to lift your shirt or top for some tests, but you will not be asked to disrobe.

When you arrive at the Lifeline Screening location you will be given paperwork to fill out asking for your name, address, zip code, phone and your doctor’s name and address. The screening procedures usually take about an hour and a report of the results will be given to you when you are finished.

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InnovaCare Health’s Number One Priority

It’s sad to think that not everyone in the healthcare industry cares about their patients. Especially for those at the top, profit is the number one priority. While business is business, businesses that are supposed to take care of people need to focus more on the healthiest outcome for their patients.That’s not the only problem facing people in need of medical care. The serious issue is that most people can’t afford current healthcare by Penelope Kokkinides. While those leading the industry focus on profits and those supposedly fighting for better healthcare management ignore simple solutions, millions of people are being neglected.One company that understands the business is InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare’s sole mission is to make healthcare management better for all those in need of it. For InnovaCare, enhancing the quality of life for their patients is the best way to achieve the industry-desired profits. That’s why InnovaCare’s number one priority is their patients.

That’s not saying that profits are their end goal. In fact, quality medical care and the healthiest outcomes are the end goal. InnovaCare believes in establishing strong patient-provider relationships. It’s not really possible to make the healthcare environment better for patients if they know what patients need.Much of InnovaCare’s success is thanks to its leadership. A part of that leadership is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is a Columbia University School of Public health graduate with three master’s degrees and one bachelor’s degree. Since graduating, she’s spent over 20 years working for companies like InnovaCare.

She’s an expert at developing managed care operations and improving efficiencies. At many of the companies she worked at, she played instrumental roles in developing and implementing many of their health models. She also oversaw the management of numerous health care processes and strategic direction for the managed care division.The other part of InnovaCare leadership is Dr. Richard Shinto. Looking back at his career, his life’s full of accomplishments, making him a brilliant addition to InnovaCare. After joining the company, he continued to excel; making InnovaCare the number largest provider of healthcare management in Puerto Rico.After spending more than 20 years in the business, Dr. Shinto is showing no signs of slowing down. He even maintains his medical license as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He’s also written several published healthcare articles.

Strategies to Improve Men’s Health and Prevent Disease

As people get older, it is easier to succumb to health conditions that set in as the body loses some vitality. But, there is plenty that can be done to prevent many serious diseases and stay healthy into your formative years and more information click here.

This article will include some good practices and preventative measures that can be applied to keeping healthy all through your later years.

Reduce Stress — Stress can seriously affect the immune system and led to the onset of serious diseases. Take a daily walk through the park or enjoy a hot bath occasionally, stress relief can save your life.

Regulate Sleep Patterns — Be sure you get regular adequate sleep. Sleep keeps the vital functions balanced and their work efficient. Sleep no more than 10 hours a day and no less than 6. This will keep you in better health and optimal performance and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Exercise — For everything from improved cardiovascular function to the increased T levels, regular exercise is essential for staying healthy and in tip top conditions. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, but more will do you good and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Watch your Diet — While keeping healthy should allow you to eat whatever you want, be sure to keep a balanced diet that sustains the weight of beers, processed foods and other consumables that are not as healthy. Be sure to get regular fiber, vitamins and minerals from natural sources and always drink enough water each day.

Life Line Screening — getting a preventative screening can make a full report of your physical conditions and take many important readings. T levels, liver enzymes, cholesterol, Vit D, and prostate compounds can all be measured and possible complications detected.

This often includes a series of ultrasounds, EKGs, and a few other tests that are painless and require little preparation. The resulys of thse tests can alert you to diseases that can be prevented with appropriate action and its Website.

Andrew Manganaro Prolongs Patient’s Life through Life Line Screening

It is a fact that most diseases are a threat to life because of failure of early diagnosis. When the disease is arrested at an early stage, treatment becomes not only easy but accurate. That is why Life Line Screening has been encouraging people to get early diagnosis and check up even if the symptoms are not enormous. In less than an hour, the body can seem okay. In the next hour, the same body might register numerous non-invasive pains. From aortic aneurysms to atrial fibrillation, the body’s immunity is always at risk when it comes to underlying problems. Such symptoms, if not caught early, can lead to stroke or other chronic illnesses.


Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the chief medical officer of Life Line Screening. Recently, he was interviewed by Idea Mensch. The interview focused on his career and experience as well as the development of Life Line Screening and his contribution to the society through the organization he fondly embraces. Andrew was born in Brooklyn. He is an alumnus of New York University where he received his M.D. The master of Biology and Philosophy advanced his studies at the UCLA Medicine School. He studied cardiothoracic and vascular operation at Rochester University. Andrew spent thirty years in private practice. He practiced cardiac, thoracic as well as vascular surgery. When he retired, he was appointed the chief medical officer of Life Line Screening.


In the interview, Andrew was asked where the idea to join Life Line Screening originated. He stated that as a doctor who had thirty years experience in cardiovascular surgery, he came across patients who had no idea that they were unwell. This is because the symptoms of their diseases were not caught early enough to be treated. Knowing that he could have a positive impact on such lives, he pursued his passion for saving lives by becoming part of Life Line Screening. In his interview with CEOCFO MAGAZINE, Andrew explained his roles. He is in charge of overseeing the board of physicians. These physicians are in charge of the entire screening process of approximately 8 million patients. Andrew is also in charge of quality assurance where he supervises the entire team.

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USHEALTH Group – Excellent in Providing Unique Customer Service in Health Insurance

USHEALTH Group is a great family of firms that give the best creative health coverage for people like you. The USHEALTH Group provides a complete portfolio of plans that help you get the best health coverage that is suitable for your specific requirements.

USHEALTH Group has more than fifty years of experience in health insurance. They are great innovators in this arena and provide reasonable, flexible and safe plans for you and your family. USHEALTH Group provides excellent quality coverage to the insured, and that includes accident insurance, critical illness, dental coverage, etc.

Trust and to be affordable are the two aspects of our product portfolio. You may require coverage for daily medical costs. You need complete peace of mind for the medical events. We have more than fifty years of industry knowledge. We have over fifteen million customers who work in the USHealth Group family of the firm.

They are located in Fort Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group Inc is highly devoted to facilitating accident and disability insurance solutions for the self-employed persons and families. USHEALTH Group has been helping over fifteen million customers with the suitable plans for over fifty years.

USHEALTH Group family of firms knows that each and every customer has got varied requirements. They have a belief that the customers value a broad range of alternatives. We have created a comprehensive portfolio of covers that help in the promotion of consumer choices.

They have got creative product designs, and that makes the USHEALTH Group qualified to meet the requirements of the customers. We provide a portfolio of innovative items that facilitate first dollar benefits for various services and also network discounts in a full gamut of providers.

These plans are highly reasonable than the complete plans. They promote dollar protection and also the assurances that a protection plan provides. The can provide a great approach and can have a particular level of sharing the expense. USHEALTH Groups of companies have got an exceptional choice of accident plans that facilitate healthy alternatives. These options are reasonable, trustworthy and highly flexible. Click here to know more.

We assist the customers to increase their protection with the complete array of ancillary items, and those are critical Illness, Term Life Insurance, Dental and Vision plans. USHEALTH Group insurance firms distinguish themselves by developing relationships for a longer duration. This makes USHEALTH Group a very reliable partner that provides its promises. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

USHEALTH Group knows two of the fundamental truths that are each and every customer is exceptional, and the one size fits all approach is not the only answer. We facilitate a wide option of reasonable alternatives to suit the requirements of the customers. When the client opts for the plan, USHEALTH Group makes it decision high by providing exceptional customer service.

USHEALTH Group is considered to be the finest firms in America for customer service. USHEALTH Group is renowned for getting the A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. It excels in customer service.