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Vincent Parascandola’s Journey from a Financial Rookie to the Vice President of the world’s No. 1 Insurance company

Vincent Parascandola is the senior vice president of AXA Advisor, a US-based branch of the worldwide financial services company AXA. The services it offers include life insurance and investment management. Mr. Parascandola joined AXA as the president of a branch of AXA Equitable known as Advantage Group where his role was to attract experienced financial experts, recruit and retain them.


Mr. Vincent Parascandola is a prolific manager with experience and expertise in diverse fields. His specializations include estate planning, financial services, retirement planning, life insurance and asset management. His outstanding leadership has earned him numerous management awards like Master Academy and Career Development Awards. Mr. Parascandola has also spoken at various industry conferences such as GAMA’s public Lamp Meeting and LIMRA’s Distribution conferences. He even gave a commencement speech in 2014 at Pace University where he did his undergraduate studies.


His work experience in the financial industry spans for almost three decades. In 1987, Vincent Parascandola began his career at Prudential as an agent and was recognized as the National Rookie. He then joined MONY, a life insurance company in 1990. Before joining AXA in 2004, Mr. Parascandola, besides being a financial professional, held key leadership positions such as a sales manager and field vice president at MONY.


His responsibilities as the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors include development, recruitment, retention and management of financial professionals. Through effective leadership, Vincent Parascandola has contributed to the growth of AXA Advisor’s and consequently, the multinational parent company AXA. Until 2016, AXA had recorded an annual brand growth of 14 percent for eight consecutive years.


Established initially under the name Mutuelle de L’assurance, by Claude Bebear in Paris 200 years ago, AXA has grown over the centuries to be the leading insurance company globally. Apart from Europe and the United States, the company also operates in Canada, Australia, and many countries in Africa and Asia Pacific. AXA also has a research fund that aims at creating awareness on the risks that face the environment, society, and humanity. The philanthropic arm has supported at least 250 projects since its founding in 2008.