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Is Fabletics Really on Amazon Too?

Many are asking if Fabletics is really on Amazon too. The answer is yes. This famed fashion brand that sells comfortable athleisure wear has expanded its marketing strategy to grab those Amazon happy shoppers that tend to shop for their clothing there as well. Since these shoppers are unlikely to visit any other website, Fabletics decided to bring their cool athletic products to where they shop. This is having much success, and Fabletics is gaining new followers that simply fall in love with their amazing fashions. The affordable price of all Fabletics outfits is a nice added bonus.


Most shoppers are used to the ho-hum showrooms that depict the same few styles of possibly fashionable now items. The reality is, nobody really knows if the average buyer will think that these items are fashionable enough to buy until they do. See, most retailers rely on the vision of top designers that dictate the next season’s fashions. If they are wrong, the stores are left with a lot of unsold stock. Now, Fabletics does things differently. It raised a few eyebrows at first. This fashion company relies only on their customer’s desires. They have devised a strategy that tracks purchases in stores and online, plus they use a useful Lifestyle Quiz to get a feel for their customer’s likes and more. When the customer answers a few specifically designed questions, they learn their true size, unlike the size they thought they were. They also learn the designs that look best on their particular figure type. Additionally, customers find which colors suit their skin tones, which cuts look best for their shapes and they also find out which fabrics that they feel the most comfortable wearing. All of this useful information is used to design this fashion retailer’s inventory. As everything is computerized, they have the ability to move items that aren’t selling and replace with those that are.


Kate Hudson has been credited with a lot of the success behind this novel athletic wear company. As an actress, Kate was in the company of many higher fashion leaders and designers. Naturally, she has developed a very real sense of style. What is amazing about Kate is that she speaks for those that can’t afford those high priced well fitting and spectacularly looking clothing. Her company designs higher class styles that fit great, look surreal and feel extraordinary all at affordable prices.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Products of Fabletics for the Crowd

There is a lot that goes into whether people are satisfied with a company or not. One of the major aspects of a customer’s satisfaction with a company is in the products. Now, this is not about how cool or appealing a product is even though the appeal of the product does have an influence as to whether it will sell. It is more to do with how well the product works. In the case of fashion companies like Fabletics, among the aspects of the product customers are going to be looking at is how well it fits and more importantly, how durable it is.


The good news is that Fabletics has durable products. For one thing, they are created and crafted under humane conditions. The material that makes up the products are more durable than with other companies that try to take the cheaper approach with bringing in the products. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the clothes they buy for a long time. One of the most frustrating aspects of fashion with fast fashion companies in particular is that they rush the production and wind up making lower quality clothing that doesn’t fit right and will fall apart on them quickly.


Another thing to look at with Fabletics is how they determine what products they are going to use. One of the best things they do in their approach is make sure that they look at the customer first. When a customer signs up, they are given an opportunity to share their preferences. As a matter of fact, they use a method that is known as reverse showrooming in order to sell their products. They are careful with the products they present to the customers so that they keep their overhead to a minimum.


One good thing about the way Fabletics does business is that it allows the customer to feel like they are valued and cared about. As a result, they are more likely to shop at the company and buy more clothes that are flattering to their body. As they feel better about their appearance, they will be more encouraged to buy more items.

Lime Crime’s New Hair Line

Lime Crime is a popular brand known for coming up with new ways to provide their fans with quality makeup and unique looking colors. They can give you a top quality set of makeup that can provide you with everything that you’ve ever needed in terms of makeup. The brand is highly qualified to provide their fans with everything that they want and need, and they are always looking for new ways to give their fans something fun to work with. Lime Crime came up with a brand new hair dye that is definitely going to be swooping the nation.


Lime Crime has created the Unicorn Hair Dye, and it is changing the way people are using hair dye products. They are known for sticking on the hair for a long period and even fading away as beautifully as possible. The product line is very successful and slowly being a popular name in this specific industry. There are 13 different colors and shades that you can go through. With every single type of hair dye that you use, it’s all about knowing how to work them and properly maintain your hair to see it last for a long time. It’s going to be a semi-permanent type of hair, and it’s exciting to use because it’s healthy and good on the hair. It can easily last up to more than 6 weeks if you know how to care for the hair and properly give it what it needs.


Many people love the way the brand is coming up with dark and beautiful colors and striving to give people the extra deep texture in the product. There are two type of formulas to go for when using these products: tiny and full coverage. The tint is to be used when creating a pastel glaze mainly for platinum blonds. Full coverage is mainly best to add rich pigment and deep strands.


This company definitely went above and beyond to create these products. Spending more than three years trying to formulate these products, Doe Deere, the creator of this brand, surely knows what she is talking about.

Demi Lovato Joins Fabletics

What started out in the gym has turned out to be a great business adventure for both Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato. Demi and Kate met for the first time in the gym, and the business relationship was born. Kate said commented that she liked Demi from the first encounter and her confidence was going to be beneficial for Fabletics. Kate’s dream to have Demi onboard will soon be a reality as Demi’s Limited-Edition Capsule brand will be launched in Mid-May 2017.

The collection will include assorted fashion items including leggings, tops, jackets, and bras. This is a collection that will be suitable for the different body types as they will be available in various sizes. It is a brand that represents the young people.

The Grammy-award nominee has teamed up with the Fabletics to support the GirlUp, A United Nation’s Initiative. All the proceeds from the collection will benefit the SchoolCycle. It is an initiative that partners with UNFPA to provide maintenance and spare parts which provide a safe mode of transport. GirlUp is a United Nation Foundation that deals with adolescents, girls. It is a campaign that empowers girls across the world. The foundation promotes health, education, safety, and leadership.

Partnering with Fabletics will combine three of Demi’s passions: fashion, female empowerment, and Music. She will be involved with creative process while still empowering girls.

By partnering with Demi Lovato, Fabletics will create awareness for the brand among the adolescent girls. The Capsule Fashion Brand will be sold in over eight countries and will also be available on the website. The collection will be carried on the different Fabletics stores nationwide.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is an online retail fashion company that initially focused on female active wear. The Fashion Company uses a member-based system. This is a simple format that has given the company great success in the fashion industry.

They have a membership program that allows their clients to sign up for an account. The customers then fill a survey document providing information on their fashion preference. The Fabletics team uses the information to personalize their services.

At the start of every month, all the members of the Company receive an email with the latest trends based on their preference. It is not mandatory for the customers’ time to buy the clothes. However, they are mandated to make a decision before 5th of the month, or it would result in a store credit.

Fabletics has been giving Amazon a run for their money. Amazon currently controls 20% of the online retail industry. However, with the reverse showrooming, Fabletics has been controlling the industry. Showrooming is a technique that the online customers use to get information on the different fashion items. They will then use the information to buy the items at other stores at a discount.

With reverse showrooming, Fabletics has opened different stores. The stores give the members access to the various items. The Company has opened over 21 stores in different locations. They use the information provided by the members to stock the stores.

How Nine9 is Helping its Clients Find Success

Nine9 is a modeling and acting agency that helps their clients obtain work in the fashion and acting industries. Nine9 is different than other agencies in a number of ways. The first is that the company is commission free. Nine9 Talent Agency also provides their clients with 24/7 alerts that let clients know when their software has matched them with a casting that is a good fit for them.

Nine9 holds monthly workshops at its various locations where their clients have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders. Nine9 has offices nationwide including in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.

On Nine9’s website, there is a page dedicated to Success Stories that features the work that their clients have found. One of the clients, Steven H, used Nine9 and through them was able to locate local auditions. He was able to land the first few jobs he tried out for and this led to his being featured in a short film as well as co-hosting a television talk show.

Another Success Story was posted by Deborah H. She has been with Nine9 since 2011 and has found a lot of work through them. Among the acting roles she has performed in includes roles on Chicago Fire, Empire, and Chicago PD. She has also appeared in a number of student films, theater shows, and music videos over the last 6 years.

Denise J says that she receives work opportunities every week through Nine9. She has appeared in a Chevron Commercial and got a role in the next Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Maegan C found work on the set of a new television series, Atlanta Daytime Divas. She said it was a great experience and taught her quite a bit about what it’s like to be on a set.

Fabletics Connects With Aspiring Customers

Fashion today has evolved far from the days when women were required to wear skirts, hose, and conservative suits to work and most social events. Today, there’s an active feel in women’s fashion that’s more attractive than ever. New e-commerce fashion companies like Fabletics are filling a real need out there for fashion that is very wearable at the gym, on a run, or even in the office or at a social event. Fabletics is offering great looking clothes that suit today’s active lifestyle, which is why this company has gone from a startup to a business valued at $250 million in just three years.

An Aspirational Image

Fabletics was launched three years ago by co-founder Kate Hudson and her partners, and the amazing success of this company is a testament to the founders’ vision. It isn’t easy making a mark in the online fashion world today, which is why Fabletics’ achievement is so striking.

Tough Competition in Fashion E-Commerce

Right now Amazon has a 20 percent share of the e-commerce fashion market, which means all the other companies have to compete even harder to attract a customer base. Today it isn’t enough just to offer a quality product. Customers now expect an online fashion company to offer a combination of high quality customer experiences, unique branding and last mile service, just to stay competitive. Beyond that, the products sold must be of high quality in their construction and in their appearance. It’s a lot to ask, but companies like Fabletics are making it happen, with success.

A Great Spokesperson

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson is a great spokesperson for the Fabletics brand, and she has the active, athletic lifestyle that the brand’s customers aspire to. Fabletics offers a special VIP subscription service for customers to enroll in, and this aspect of the brand has been very successful. Customers fill out a form that lets Fabletics know their workout routines, so they can gear choices in workout clothes accordingly. Then each month the customer will receive a selection of great looking outfits in the customer’s size, geared to their preferences. The clothing choices are all curated by Hudson, which gives the brand an added appeal.

No, being a winner in today’s competitive fashion e-commerce world isn’t easy. It takes hard work and a lot of ingenuity. Brands like Fabletics are making it happen though, and paving the way to a new kind of fashion experience.