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Susan McGalla, the Professional

Much time has passed since the fight for women’s suffrage, and over that course of time, there have been a variety of changes for the better. However, there remains certain discrepancies between male and female employment—particularly that gap which exists between male and female leadership. Women like Susan McGalla are working to shorten this gap and prove that female leaders have a place in this modern world.

How do we help end this gender discrepancy? Arguments over this issue have flown back and forth for years. Some claim that women need to take better initiative; they need to step up and make themselves more well known if they want to rise up. And yet, there are plenty of examples of women in business doing just that and still missing the bar. Truly, the underlying problem is that it is more often who you know rather than what you know, especially in business. Therefore, the solution is not that women should work harder (as if they are not already) but that, during this build-up phase, they need sponsors who are higher up in the business to highlight their abilities and accomplishments to the upper echelons of the business world. Once these women are known, they can be properly assessed as professionals.

McGalla—VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steeler, Founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC., CEO of The Wet Seal, Inc., President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.—has gone far and achieved much for herself and professional women across the nation. McGalla has proven that gender has no place in deciding who is capable (or incapable) of achieving great things in the business world. But even this understanding of Susan McGalla is flawed, as it takes the assumption that her being a “successful woman” is something bizarre, something one might see in a circus. Rather than seeing men and women in the business world as inherently different, perhaps it is time to remove gender from the equation and recognize those who succeed as the professionals that they are.

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Providing A Source Of Meat That An Entire Planet Could Eat

The amount of meat to be produced yearly and for the world population is difficult to imagine. It’s clear that no single entity can provide the world the amount of meat it consumes everyday. It will instead take a number of agencies to accomplish the task. These agencies are now falling behind the work of the OSI Group. The world’s leading meat processor is OSI.

The agency operates as a mediator to the meat businesses that major restaurants leverage. These brands and companies include Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The OSI Group’s success is founded on the relationship it has with the world’s major food producers. Supplying these producers with services and meat products is the basis of OSI Group’s business.

The Necessary Manpower To Operate Globally

The OSI Group isn’t alone in the work it has to accomplish. The firm uses an employee based that reaches well over 20,000 employees. That work force has expanded the OSI agency into an international presence that’s being witnessed across the globe. The OSI agency is being led into the international stage also. It stretches itself around the world because of business.

There’s no end to the business held by the OSI Group. The agency uses a simple model that it perfected in the United States and then adjusts it to fit the needs of an international environment. The agency operates with over 16 countries and roughly 60 factories worldwide. The 20,000 plus employees it has is also necessary for a planetary expansion underway.

The Cycle Completed By OSI And Sheldon Lavin

The work required for the OSI Group is one that completes all three stages of the manufacturing cycle. These steps are to produce a product, to package the product and to then distribute the product to where it’s needed most. The industry level of corporate business is always improving this process. That improvement is also why Sheldon Lavin excels.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin is grounded in his role as the OSI Group’s CEO, chairman and president. The work of the agency requires a completion of the three stages in business, and Sheldon Lavin has mastered them all. It’s clear in the work the firm continues and in the rapid expansion that OSI Group is making in the international market.

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The OSI Group Business Model Works for the Company

When the OSI Group was first starting out, the company knew they had to work hard to build the business. It was difficult for people in the food processing industry to make the choices that OSI Group had made. Many of them were similar to each other and most of them were offering the same prices. OSI Group had to make sure they were giving a different type of service. They wanted something that would set them apart, but they realized what they were doing was already something that set them apart from the other people who were in the industry.

From that point, everything the CEO of OSI Group has done has been about how they can be different from other companies that offer a similar product. They don’t group themselves in with these companies even though they are a part of the same industry. In fact, the OSI Group is better than these companies because of the offerings they have. They like to show people they will have a chance to truly enjoy all the different aspects of the food production industry as long as they are using the food the OSI Group has for them.

One of the most important things the company has done now is creating a way of offering food that is sustainable. Other companies are very dedicated to getting food to their customers and getting their customers to the point where they can purchase food, but they don’t worry about their effect on the environment. Instead, they worry about their own bottom lines. Part of what has set the OSI Group apart from these companies is the fact they care about the environment. They know the food industry is difficult for the environment, but they want to be one of the companies that is truly sustainable in an industry where that is so rare.

For the OSI Group to do this, they have to constantly work and get to a point where they can offer sustainable products. Without their drive for sustainability, the OSI Group is not going to survive in the food industry. In fact, they will probably struggle more than what other companies have struggled with in the past. The OSI Group does their best to ensure they are offering the sustainable products and that’s something most people have come to rely on for the best products they can get in the industry.

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OSI Group Cutting Across Continents

For a food processing organization to be capable of announcing, Launching and expanding more than seven new processing and production facilities across the globe within a year, there must be sufficient goodwill. How Does OSI group accomplish such in a market that is widely different not only in culture but more importantly in taste?

Processed food is not a product that can easily be marketed across regions due to variations in taste buds for every local community. We, therefore, strive to ensure that the consumers’ preference is the ultimate goal. Every branch is empowered by its local talent to ensure there are understanding and sensitivity of local consumer’s tastes and preferences.

Our headquarters are located in Aurora, and we have multiple branches and plants in the United States, China, and Europe. In each continent, we endeavor to supply clients such as Starbucks, Papa Johns, McDonald’s, Yum, Subway and Burger King. Together with other local food brands.

OSI group has over time acquired other business in its expansion process and also as a move to ensure local cuisine is available for the consumers. Flagship Europe has been known to supply pies, and sous vide products frozen poultry, sauces and mayonnaise in the UK Foodservice market. In 2016 this organization was acquired by the OSI group as a move to ascertain us a much broader presence in the Europe Market. The Acquisition also provides Flagship Europe new clients and a global presence.

When it comes to production, we have to consider that the consumers’ demands are continually changing and thus the need to come up with technology that meets those choices. Therefore we have developed partnerships that enable us to meet the frequently evolving demands may it be premium or affordable, organic or natural we strive to accomplish all. Food safety and quality is also an essential part of our operations in all our branches. We thus implement technologies and processes such as monitoring plant grow from our local supplies.

We as a company believe that we not only need to supply meat and its product to our consumers we also strive to bring growth to the community around us. Our company has over 100,000 employees. This does not mean we have all the talent we require. We have programs that facilitate talent recruit, internships and entry-level opportunities in our 60 production facilities in 16 countries.

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Why the OSI Group Is a Leading Food Processing Company to Watch In 2017

Most of us hardly think about where our groceries originate when we go shopping at the supermarket. Alternatively, neither do we question the mode of purchase for various ingredients when dining at a restaurant. Contrary to what most individuals might think, it is important to know where such ingredients originate and more importantly, how they are cultivated. According to reliable data, most of food ingredients consumed in the U.S. and beyond, have a direct or indirect link to one prominent company, the OSI Group.

The Illinois-based company has become synonymous with providing high-quality food products worldwide. Often, the OSI Group focuses on protein products such as processed beef that is packaged and sold to various supermarkets worldwide. In essence, the company’s remarkable success is undeniably attributed to its CEO Sheldon Lavin. With the aid of the President, David McDonald, the duo has joined efforts to promote rapid expansion across various countries worldwide. Such rapid expansion programs have essentially placed the company in over 17 countries.

As part of its expansion program, the OSI Group recently grabbed the headlines by procuring a controlling stake in Baho Foods. The Dutch food company has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality food through its affiliates in Netherlands and Germany. By providing food to over 18 countries in Europe, this latest acquisition is aimed at revamping production and increasing sales.

The OSI Group’s rapid expansion stretches further to the purchase of Flagship Europe which specializes in producing pies, condiments, and frozen poultry. Under OSI’s leadership, Flagship Europe will be in a prime position to pursue new opportunities in the European market, given its impressive success in Asia and the U.S.

According to the company’s leadership, the OSI Group’s international expansion program stems from the diverse range of products and services aimed at promoting excellence. At the domestic level, the OSI Group made a bold move by purchasing a food plant based in Chicago. Initially operated by Tyson Foods, the South Side-based company couldn’t turn down a $7.4 million offer especially in the wake of rising production costs.

OSI Group’s Background

Unlike its competitors, the OSI Group has persevered various challenges courtesy of its vast financial resources which are crucial in meeting overhead costs. Additionally, the OSI Group also spends ample time researching various markets that are in line with consumer tastes. According to reliable information, most markets are dependent on organic foods which conventionally fetch affordable prices. However, the key to balancing these needs lies in identifying and meeting the needs of the right market.

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