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ClassDojo: Meet the App that Is Changing the World One Classroom at a Time

The Future is Bright

“If you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you can change enough communities you can change the world.” – Erin Gruwell, American Teacher

Since its inception in August of 2011 the famed educational software “ClassDojo” has become an incredible force for change in the way children learn, teachers teach and how parents participate in the process. At least 90% of all K-8 schools within the United States have integrated this innovative app into their classrooms with over 180 countries worldwide doing the same. ClassDojo is literally changing the world one child at a time.

“But what type of changes are they bringing?”, one might ask. ClassDojo operates first and foremost on the principle of positive reinforcement, amplified by a connectivity and personalization only made possible by todays social media technology. The philosophy of the app is made manifest in its features:


ClassroomMessagesStoriesOriginal Content

  • Classroom: This portion of the app is the primary interface between teacher and student. Through it values such as hard work, curiosity and teamwork are established, so that teachers may encourage and reward young students for taking steps in the right direction.
  • Messages: This branch of the app functions as a direct communication line between parents and teachers so that important information and feedback is always shared with ease and privacy.
  • Stories: These ever growing feeds of photos and videos chronicle the life and times of schools, classes, and every individual child. This ensures that every family is up to date on school happenings, the education the children are receiving, and it allows the children to keep track of what they’ve learned.
  • Original Content: This section strives to teach children important concepts and life skills that would otherwise be looked over, such as having empathy for others, and maintaining a growth mindset throughout life.

The children we see now will always be the future. That’s why how they are brought up is so important; it forms the mold of who they will become later in life. It’s great to see an app like ClassDojo taking such huge steps to ensure the future is bright for all of us.


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