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Talk Fusion Providing Marketing Solution

Recently, Talk Fusion, a video marketing firm, introduced an advanced edition of Live Meetings whereby a computer program is used to facilitate sophisticated real-time communications. This improved app contains impressive features such as updated interface an also it uses the famous WebRTC system. Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion did the announcement in an online broadcast.


Live Meetings application primarily allows people transmit one-way videos and also have video-based conferences conveniently. Conference guests can connect through tablet, Pc or smartphone which is an added advantage for a company to find new ideas from the guests. The application gives room for a maximum of 15 hosts and 500 participants in the meeting. His modern software uses recording technology which does not require a separate download because users can find the recorded version through their browsers.


Talk Fusion has always been leading among its competitors because of embracing new advanced technologies and by adopting the latest promotional methods that attract Video Suite users and Live Meetings. Bob Reina stated that no similar technology can rate to WebRTC. WebRTC is capable of benefiting both marketing professionals and computer users. It allows people to communicate by voice and at the same time use any modern browser.


Live Meetings provides clear video and audio which will not strain a customer. Also, it provides a communication system that provides enough security for presenters and participants. Video feeds provided by Live Meetings have a smooth appearance that attracts customers. Talk Fusion’s video chat also started using WebRTC software recently and won an annual award.


Bob Reina, the great mind behind Talk Fusion attended University education in Florida. Bob Reina served as a police officer serving the people for many years. He had an added job as a seller where he earned extra money from the commission which made him realize he has an ability of marketing and selling products.


Bob Reina then left his job as a police officer and started working in network marketing. The idea of Talk Fusion was born in Bob in 2004 with the first idea of Video Email. He collaborated with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop it and was launched three years later during the launching of the company. Learn more: